EV charging stations are the new frontier for medical practices! After all, there are now over two million electric vehicles in the United States, and most drivers like to plug in wherever they are parked. It’s only a matter of time before EV charging stations become as ubiquitous as gas pumps. But what about now? The benefits of having electric vehicle charging stations at your medical practice might surprise you.

EV Charging Stations Help Your Staff Go Green

The first benefit of EV charging at your medical office: you can help your staff go green. Investing in EV charging stations at your property means that your employees can now confidently switch to a zero-emissions electric vehicle without fear of running out of electricity. EV charging stations at your workplace allow your doctors, nurses, technicians, and other medical staff to charge up at work. Your staff can save on annual gasoline and maintenance costs and reduce their personal carbon footprint!

EV Charging Stations Help You Attract New Patients

Sometimes, standing out from other local doctor’s offices and medical practices can be difficult. That’s why the most successful offices focus on adding the right amenities to attract patients. Not only do charging stations support your staff, but they also support patients parking during an appointment. Patients who drive electric cars want to know that they can charge their car when visiting your office. Especially if you have out-of-town patients driving to an appointment, EV charging stations are a great way to stand out from other medical practices with similar services. Your new patients can meet with their doctor or healthcare practitioner without worrying about finding a public charging station on the way home.

EV Charging Stations Help You Keep Patients

Not only can you use your new EV charging stations to attract new patients, but you can also use your new charging services to retain patients. Your patients are already considering an electric vehicle, but they might not know where they can charge. Installing charging stations for your patients proves that you care about healthy lifestyles and healthy communities. Once your current patients see that they can charge during their appointments, they’ll have another reason to bring their electric car with them when visiting your office.

EV Charging Stations as a Marketing Tool

Finally, marketing is more than just spending money on advertisements; it’s also about what people say about you. Smart EV charging stations put your medical practice on public EV charging maps and locator apps such as SemaConnect, PlugShare, and Google Maps, ensuring that prospective patients can hear about your amenities and get directions to your location. And with your EV charging stations front and center in your parking lot, your green initiatives will be the first and last service that your patients see every time they visit your medical practice. It’s an easy way to get new business!

With networked EV charging stations, your medical practice can offer another healthy amenity for employees and patients. Ready to get started? Request your quote today!