The holidays will be here before you know it. If you’re planning to visit family or friends, you’re probably already planning your route and activities. But deciding to take a holiday road trip doesn’t mean you have to leave your electric vehicle at home. With the increase in EV sales in 2019 and rebates from local utilities, many businesses are installing public EV charging stations to attract new visitors. Here are three tips for planning your travels without any bumps in the road this holiday season.

Take Advantage of EV Tech

Many drivers like to plan their routes around travel time, pitstops, and roadside attractions. Traveling in an EV does require stops to charge your battery, but with current technology, you can combine entertainment and charging! Just like you can use Google Maps to find a gas station or hotel, you can use Google Maps, PlugShare, or the SemaConnect app to find charging stations along your route. Be sure to use your mobile apps during your trip, rather than relying only on your car’s GPS, to ensure you can charge up along your route. Still, be sure to plan well ahead of time so there are no surprises.

Celebrate in a Major City

As of December 2017, there were an estimated 20,178 private and public charging sites in the U.S., with approximately 86.9% being available to the public. But while electric car charging stations are being installed across the nation, stations in more remote locations can be difficult to find or in high demand. If you’re able to celebrate the holidays in a city, you’ll likely find it easier to charge up. You can even find Level 2 charging stations near your hotel!

Stay at a Hotel

Most EV owners will research available electric car charging stations for sale and install them at their homes or workplaces. But if you’re traveling to visit relatives or friends, you may think your options for charging are limited. Aside from finding publicly accessible charging stations at truck stops or at local office buildings, you may be overlooking a reliable way to charge both yourself and your vehicle. Instead of plugging into a 110V outlet at your parents’ home, consider instead booking a few nights at a local hotel. That’s because hotel chains and independently owned inns are starting to embrace Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations for guests. If you stay at a hotel that’s making a commitment to a lowered carbon footprint, you can feel good about your environmental impact and feel secure in the knowledge that your vehicle will be ready to go in the morning.

If you’re planning on taking a trip with your family for the upcoming holidays, it might be easier than you think to take your EV on a zero-emissions road trip. With so many new electric car charging stations installed across the country, finding a place to charge won’t be as impossible as you think.

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