It’s clear that changes are happening in the world of transportation. Ridesharing apps and services have made it easier for people to get around with the touch of their phone. New scooters and rental stations allow people to get around quickly and safely. And of course, electric vehicles are now a major force in consumer transportation. Whether you want to offer an energy-efficient option or connect to the exciting new world of EVs, here are a few key ways to boost your business with electric car charging stations at your building.

EV Stations Convey an Air of Modernity, Class, and Style

The visual appeal of EV charging stations program says a lot about a building. Not only do they show a commitment to environmental efficiency, but they also promote your building as modern and up-to-date. We all know how important the concept of curb appeal is in the world of real estate. New additions such as electric vehicle charging stations can give you a huge leg up when appealing to visitors and customers alike.

EV Stations Help You Attract New Customer Bases

Some customers may not even consider living in or visiting buildings where they can’t charge their vehicle on-site. That means that if you manage an apartment or condo community, adding EV charging stations for your residents can help you stand out from other communities in your area. This alone opens you up to a whole new world of potential clients who are searching for apartments or businesses with smart charging stations. You may find that installing car charging stations has a compounding effect over time as more and more people learn about your building’s amenities!

Adding EV Stations to Your Building Will Help You Stay Ahead of The Curve

Finally, you simply cannot ignore the fact that electric vehicles are here to stay. Several states have already decided to phase-out gas cars by the year 2035 which means that EV amenities are about to become more popular at commercial properties. Getting in on the ground floor will help you stay ahead of the curve. It will certainly help you beat out many of your competitors who are not yet ready to buy EV charging stations! After all, there are already over 1.6 million electric cars currently on the roads in the United States. And EVs could make up as much as 54% of all new car sales worldwide by 2040! With such high numbers in the future, it is a good idea to make sure that your building is ready to keep up with the changes in the next few years.

For businesses looking for new ways to jumpstart 2021, smart electric car charging stations are the perfect way to stand out from the competition. Ready to get started? Contact your SemaConnect sales manager today to request your quote!