When talking to commercial property managers, one of the biggest questions that we hear is, “What will installing electric vehicle charging stations do for me and my business?” They want to know about ROI and the direct effects of charging stations on their sales. Then, after the installation is complete, when they meet our marketing team, they ask us, “Why should I announce my charging stations if they’re only for tenant/employee use?”

Both questions are reasonable, and both have to do with corporate messaging. Here are three ways that smart EV charging stations can boost your marketing and help you gain business.

If This is Your First Step

At this point, most people know that visible sustainable actions and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are important to consumers. Property managers want to support environmentally-minded clients, tenants, and employees, but they don’t know where to start. As they tell us, “I want to publicize my new charging stations, but I’m embarrassed to say that they’re my only green initiative.”

The good news? Everyone starts somewhere. EV charging stations can be your property’s first step towards CSR, and they can be installed in the most visible area of your parking.

If You Already Do CSR

Maybe your property already has a sustainability plan. You’re already using LED lights, you have a LEED certified headquarters, and you’re in the process of converting your fleet. EV charging stations are essential to transitioning your company internal combustion vehicles to company electric vehicles, plus they support the EV drivers who visit your property.

Another idea: if you’re already cleaning your supply chain, why not also add an environmental element to your CSR goals and reduce emissions at your distribution and offices?

Word of Mouth

People talk. That’s why companies see share prices and sales drop when news breaks of a new environmental or privacy scandal. It’s also why fair trade companies gain market share versus competitors who stay silent about their business practices. When your customers or prospective employees see that you them to charge their Tesla or Leaf at your property, they tell other EV drivers about the positive experience. This combined with press releases and news stories about your new corporate sustainability proves to your clients and tenants that you support their environmental values.

Corporate communications and press about EV charging at commercial properties can be passive or active. You can announce your new actions in a press release or an annual sustainability report to your investors. You can create a webpage or online listing that people can read during their research of your company. And if you’re a SemaConnect client, we can help you promote your stations. Together, these public declarations help you differentiate your business from the competition and shows your tenants and employees that you’re committed to reducing emissions.

SemaConnect provides a turnkey solution, from project consultation to press releases to driver customer service. Ready for a project consultation? Let’s get started.