Electric vehicles are more popular than ever, with estimates showing that they will make up the majority of new car sales worldwide in only two decades! While installing EV stations might not be at the top of your list of improvements for this year, the reality is that they can help you to achieve a number of business goals. Here are four ways that EV charging stations can make your business more successful in 2020.

Positive Brand Perception

Every business owner wants to generate positive PR for their brand. One increasingly popular way to stand out from the competition is by promoting sustainability. A new EV charging program is perfect for companies cleaning up their supply chains, reducing emissions, or promoting energy efficiency. You can even use your stations on your property’s application for LEED certification! By making a clear commitment to corporate sustainability, you position your business as an industry leader. Providing EV charging solutions for your visitors puts your company on the map, both literally and figuratively, and you will be known as a business that commits to clean air and energy efficiency.

Employee Satisfaction and Retention

EV charging station installations are not just for clients, but they are a true benefit for current and future employees. Whether you’re looking for ways to retain tenured staff or to attract new talent, consider what charging stations can do for your employee satisfaction and retention. Studies show that employees prefer working for companies that help the environment and support their values. Electric vehicles charge where they are parked, typically a home or a workplace. Installing EV charging stations supports the employees who cannot charge their electric vehicles at home, as well as encourages potential recruits to choose you over another company with fewer employee amenities.

Additional Revenue Stream

Speaking of payoffs, remember that EV charging solutions can actually provide additional income for your business. If you already have parking available, you can offer electricity as an additional service for EV drivers. Many companies offer free charging to employees or tenants, then set a public fee as a way to cover electricity costs.

With SemaConnect smart charging stations, station pricing is set by the station owners. You can charge users for the electricity they actually use. You can charge users a parking fee. Once you set your pricing, you can sit back and focus on your main business, knowing that your station revenue and increased clientele are on their way.

Potential Tax Incentives

There are also tax incentives available for electric vehicles and EV charging. While you may be aware of the $7,500 tax rebate for EV owners, the federal tax credit for installing EV charging stations was just renewed through December 31, 2020. Businesses can receive credit for 30% of costs, up to $30,000. Additionally, many states, cities, and local utilities offer rebates to workplaces and multifamily communities that install charging stations. These credits and incentives may help to offset the costs of installation and operation. Available funding does vary by state, but your sales manager can provide you with some helpful information about your options.

Smart EV charging stations can boost your company’s profile, attract customers and employees, and increase financial stability – all while promoting green practices and zero emissions. For more information on how SemaConnect electric vehicle charging solutions can help your organization reach new heights in 2020, contact us today.