Over the next few weeks, many people will be visiting friends and family in other cities and will need a place to stay. Many travelers choose to take advantage of the privacy and convenient amenities available at a local hotel. However, this can present new problems for travelers embracing a sustainable lifestyle. How do you reduce waste and leave a smaller carbon footprint when you’re staying in a new place? This is where environmentally-friendly hotels and resorts can step in. If you manage a hotel or resort, you can serve and attract travelers who want to relax knowing their holiday travel has low impact on the environment.

Prioritize Sustainability with Green Amenities

With the demand for energy efficiency and sustainability on the rise, boutique hotels and large chains alike are embracing changes that will help them reduce their carbon footprint. From eliminating plastic toiletry bottles to making a pledge to reduce water and energy waste, hotels can appeal to guests by protecting the planet. After upgrading to your new energy efficient LED lights, consider upgrading to energy efficient electric vehicle charging stations.

Hotel Guests Need EV Charging Stations

Another meaningful way to attract eco-conscious travelers is to install commercial EV charging stations. U.S. sales of electric vehicles are on the rise, growing by about 40% from 2016 to 2017 and 81% from 2017 to 2018! Your guests are likely among these new EV owners traveling over the holidays.

One difference between people who drive electric cars and gas cars: EV drivers typically refuel where they are parked. Most EV drivers charge overnight while they sleep, which makes your hotel the perfect place for a 4-6 hour charging session. By offering Level 2 electric car charging stations, your property can stand out against the competition. Because these guests will be able to charge their cars overnight during their stay at your property, they can wake up to a full battery and continue their travels or activities.

The New Trend in Green Amenities

Leading hotels such as Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt have already added Level 2 EV charging stations to popular locations. This helps guests feel confident taking their electric vehicle on a cross-country road trip. Whether staying at one hotel chain or a series of boutique or independent hotels, finding lodging with charging stations makes travel easier to plan. Plus, offering EV charging can also promote better visibility for local hotels, now that many popular navigation apps now highlight electric vehicle chargers as prominently as gas stations. This can encourage out-of-town guests to stay the night, eat in your restaurant, or simply take note of your offerings for future trips.

Many top hospitality groups are leading the charge in offering EV charging station access for guests. If your brand wants to promote a green image, adding charging stations to your property is a great way to future-proof your hotel and attract new guests.

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