There is a definite shift towards electric vehicles as the future of American driving. The reasons are many: while an electric vehicle may sometimes cost more initially than an equivalent gasoline vehicle, it ends up saving more money over the life of the vehicle. Secondly, many Americans find themselves more concerned with the environment and reducing their personal carbon footprint.

But in order for EVs to reach wide adoption, electric vehicle charging stations must be more accessible where drivers park. EV charging stations are specifically beneficial to university, college, and other school communities. Let’s look into some of those benefits below.

Financial Incentives for EV Charging at Schools

Currently, 45 states and the District of Columbia offer incentive programs for businesses, schools, and individuals that install EV charging stations. These may come in the form of tax credits, rebates, or other financial programs. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act even includes funding for electric school buses. Thanks to EV incentives, colleges, universities, and schools may be able to receive partial or full funding for electric vehicle charging on campus.

EV Charging Stations Help Attract Students and Staff

Students and staff make up the heart of a college/university. Applicants consider all aspects of a university, including environmental programs and workplace amenities, and charging stations fit into this key category. Smart charging stations could be what sways a student to choose one university over the other, so they can commute to campus and charge during class or a campus event. In fact, in a 2021 Princeton Review survey, 75% of college applicants said that a college’s environmental impact would affect their decision to apply or attend. With the recent, rapid growth in EV sales, it’s only a matter of time until all students and staff drive electric.

EV Charging Stations Help Reduce Environmental Impacts

Universities are expanding their campus sustainability programs to reduce emissions and promote community health. By installing electric vehicle charging stations on campus, you make it possible for students, staff, and visitors to bring their electric vehicle to college. And as your campus community switches from gas to electric, you can easily reduce your university’s carbon footprint.

EV charging stations are just the beginning of sustainable change for colleges and universities. Ready to get started with EV charging on your campus? Click here to contact SemaConnect today.