In the first half of 2017, the U.S. electric vehicle market grew nearly 40% year-over-year. Now that there are more EVs out on the roads, more Americans are realizing the importance of keeping their cars properly charged. But without full access to EV charging stations everywhere, that can prove a bit tricky. Although vehicle charging stations outside the home are becoming more popular, drivers can’t always rely on their presence everywhere they go. Here are some tips on battery life and maintaining range.

Don’t Leave the Battery Sitting at 100%

New EV drivers might be tempted to recharge their battery and then let the vehicle sit in wait until it’s needed. However, that is not recommended for EVs. That’s because leaving your battery pack to sit at maximum charge could actually hurt its lifespan in the long term. Most vehicle manuals suggest charging 80% in order to take full advantage of regenerative braking features during driving. Got a big trip? Top off your battery before leaving in the morning, and check your favorite station locator to find a boost along the way.. If you have an at-home charger or access to a nearby EV charging network, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Drive More Slowly

If you’re normally a speed racer, you might want to change your driving habits once you buy an electric vehicle. If you’re able to drive a bit more slowly, your EV’s battery will thank you. That’s because the faster you go, the more energy you use — draining your battery even faster. While you can’t always drive slowly, particularly on highways, you may want to consider taking routes that will allow you drive more slowly when you can.

Park in a Shady Spot

You might already try to do this, even if you own a non-electric vehicle. But when you drive an EV, parking in a place that’s out of direct sunlight becomes even more important. This will keep the interior of the car much cooler and keep your EV’s thermal management system from running while you’re parked. This process can cause your battery to overheat or drain, both of which will be bad news when you try to get on the go again. Unless you’re close to an EV station, you could find yourself stuck without transportation if you park in the sun.

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure your vehicle is always adequately charged is to have reliable access to an EV charging network. That’s just one of the reasons many property managers and building owners are investing in charging stations for their tenants’ or employees’ use. To find out more about installing an EV charging solution, request a SemaConnect quote today.