This week, SemaConnect announced the release of the Series 5 Personal smart EV charging station for multifamily properties. It complements the Series 6 EV charging station which was created for shared and multi-use applications. Property managers have long been trying to devise how to best serve EV drivers who use assigned parking spaces. Now we have the perfect solution.

The Series 5 for personal parking can be assigned to just one specific driver in their assigned parking. Here are some of the benefits for multifamily properties and drivers.

Benefits for Multifamily Communities

Apartments, condominiums, and communities with Homeowners’ Associations often have designated parking spaces that are assigned to specific residents’ use. When these residents get electric vehicles, they’re faced with the conundrum: to charge at the community EV charging station or to park at their assigned parking spot that does not have that amenity. Then, if they decide to use the community charger, they may discover that the charger is already in use or that the parking spot is blocked by another vehicle. These EV drivers with assigned parking spaces need personal charging stations.

With the Series 5, you can install a charger at that resident’s spot – a charger that can only be activated by that resident’s RFID card or mobile app. Using the SemaConnect Network, you can bill that resident for their station access and electricity use. You can directly pass along the cost of the SemaConnect Network fees and electricity costs to the specific person using the station.

Benefits for Drivers

Because most charging happens at home, you probably want to be able to charge your EV while you sleep. If your apartment, condo, or HOA installs a Series 5 charging station at your reserved parking space, you get to have exclusive charging rights at that station. No need to worry about getting “ICE’d” at home – your parking spot is assigned and the only way to charge is through your SemaConnect Account. You’ll pay a monthly subscription fee through your SemaConnect account that covers your access and any electricity fees set by your property manager.

The Series 5 is also a great option if you are petitioning your HOA to let you install a charging station at your assigned parking space. Some HOAs might be unwilling to install a charging station if there is only one EV driver in the community. Because the Series 5 is designed for restricted access and direct billing, it may be an easier “sell” to your board. You as the driver will pay for the network services and electricity – appeasing any objections from the non-EV drivers in the community.

SemaConnect now provides a complete solution for apartments and condominiums looking to provide EV charging to tenants, owners, and guests. The new Series 5 personal charging station is perfect for EV drivers with assigned parking. And the Series 6 EV charging station is perfect for residents and/or visitors who use community parking. The best multifamily EV charging program combines Personal and Shared charging stations to support all drivers.

SemaConnect makes it easy to serve EV drivers, attract new tenants, and stand out from the competition. With the SemaConnect Network, you can manage your whole charging program – personal and shared stations included. Learn more about how our smart network helps you manage your community’s electric vehicle charging program.