In case you missed it: we just released the newest version of the SemaConnect App! While some users got to try it out over the summer, Version 2.0 has now been rolled out to everyone on iOS and Android. Now, charging your electric vehicle and managing your charging sessions is even easier with the SemaConnect App.

New Features for Drivers

We love the new interface, and we think you will too. We’ve completely redesigned the visual look of SemaConnect for mobile. Now on our updated map of Locations, instead of seeing an individual colored pin for each charging location, you’ll see a numbered dot for each location grouping in a neighborhood. Zoom in on this heat map, and you’ll find the familiar blue, green, or gray map pin for each individual location.

Our second favorite new update is the new Favorite Locations function. If you regularly charge at work or at a specific parking garage, now you can save it to your favorites! Tap a location on your Favorites list to see station status, pricing, or directions before you drive up!

Finally, we’ve made it easier to control your SemaConnect Account through the app. No need to log into your account on your desktop if you want to update your credit card! With the updated SemaConnect App, it’s easier to enter a SemaConnect Pass, request access to a Members Only station, or set event notifications.

Benefits for Station Owners

The SemaConnect App is the most popular way for drivers to charge at a SemaConnect station. The new app will allow your employees and residents to request access to your Members Only stations through their phones, making it easier to take advantage of your green amenity. They can use the map options to find you. And with text notifications, they know when charging is complete, allowing them to move their vehicle so the next driver can plug in!

Whether you’ve emailed us your feature requests, or you just downloaded the app last week, we’re grateful for your feedback. The new SemaConnect app supports updates that we’ve made to the SemaConnect Network – like seasonal pricing and accessing a personal charging station. Be sure to download the SemaConnect App Version 2.0 from the App Store and Play Store today!