You’ve met the Series 5 station for dedicated multifamily charging. You’ve met the Series 6 station for shared commercial charging. Now meet the Series 7 station for dedicated fleet charging.

The Series 7 smart EV charging station is designed specifically for fleets. Whether you manage a government fleet or commercial business fleet, if you are using or switching to electric vehicles, you need confidence that your EVs will be ready to deploy on schedule. Meet the Series 7 smart fleet charging station. It’s a dual-plug Level 2 charging station that can be mounted on a wall or a pedestal. Like other SemaConnect smart charging stations, it features interactive LED lights, compact form factor, a durable enclosure, and easy installation. The difference between the Series 7 and SemaConnect’s other smart EV charging stations? The Series 7 and the Network Management portal are designed specifically for the fleet application.

Here are a few ways that the Series 7 smart EV charging station helps you manage your fleet.

Controlled access

When buying commercial charging stations for your fleet, you have two options: shared and dedicated. The main benefit of the Series 6 shared station is that you can open your stations to other employees during times when your fleet is not plugged in. For example, you can allow employees to charge their personal vehicles during the day, then plug in your commercial fleet at night.

But what if you want to assign a charging station to a specific vehicle? That’s where the Series 7 dedicated fleet station comes in. As a station administrator and fleet manager, you can assign each charging station to a specific driver’s smart card. If a vehicle is late plugging in or out, you’ll get a notification. Through your fleet management portal, you can see live station status and charging session data, making it easier to know exactly when to unplug. You can also schedule charge times. This allows you to schedule a charge for when electricity is cheapest.

Fleet managers want to ensure that their fleet chargers are reserved for their fleet vehicles. With the Series 7, your fleet charging stations are always ready to charge and report on your fleet.

Load management capabilities

The Series 7 is also load management ready. Whether you want to schedule your stations to start charging set times, or you want to set a maximum capacity for your building, you’re ready. ADR 2.0b capability means that you’re ready to participate in your local utility’s load management programs. As more EVs plug into the local grid, you’re ready for future EV programs from your utility.

Sustainability reports

Not only does the Series 7 help you comply with your local utility programs, but it also supports your year-end reporting. If your organization compiles sustainability reports, you can download your fleet’s energy usage and emissions reduction data from the SemaConnect Network. When stakeholders ask what you’re doing to support the environment, you can show how each station and fleet hub is reducing emissions.

Through your SemaConnect Network management portal, it’s easier than ever to manage your fleet. Request your quote for dedicated fleet charging stations today!