With all the new electric fleet vehicles making their way to depots across North America, fleet managers are looking for the best new EV fleet charging solutions. You know the Series 7 EV Fleet charging station. Now meet the Series 7 Plus charging station, a higher-powered solution for fleets.

A Quick Recap on EV Battery Capacity and Charging Levels

First, why is a high-powered Level 2 charging station necessary? Why not just install a DC fast charging station instead?  It all comes down to cost, ROI, and vehicle type.

Firstly, the charging levels are named for their electrical supply. Level 1 charging uses a portable charging cord plugged into a 110/120V wall outlet and offers a trickle charge to an EV. Level 2 charging stations use 208/240V, the typical wiring for a home or other building, and can charge an EV in several hours. On the other hand, a DC Fast Charging (DCFC) station requires 200+ DC volts (VDC) of energy. While Level 2 charging stations can use your existing electrical infrastructure, installing DCFC stations will require an expensive electrical upgrade, more permits, and much higher utility bills. Generally speaking, Level 2 charging stations are less cost-prohibitive for installation at a business, government, or fleet. Learn more about the EV charging levels here.

Secondly, charging speeds are limited by the technology available in the electric vehicle itself. When you plug a vehicle into a Level 2 charging station, the on-board charger inside the vehicle converts the electricity from the station into a form that can be stored inside the vehicle battery. The charging speed is limited by the maximum electrical acceptance rate of the on-board charger. Most passenger electric cars can only accept between 3.3kW and 7.2kW, with plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) on the lower end. (DCFC stations bypass the on-board charger and are only compatible with fully electric battery electric vehicles, or BEVs.) Thus, 7.2kW is the standard power level for Level 2 charging, including the Series 5, Series 6, and Series 7 EV charging stations.

But there are new changes in the fleet world. Now there are commercial light and medium-duty vehicles with larger batteries and more powerful on-board chargers. Enter the Series 7 Plus charging station, a more powerful fleet charger.

A New Kind of Fleet Charging Station

Electric cars, trucks, vans, and buses need the best EV charging station on the market. The Series 7 Plus is still a Level 2 charging station, but it charges at 19.2kW and 80amp on the 240V power supply. That means that you can use your existing electrical infrastructure without incurring additional costs. The 19.2kW speed makes it easier to charge your medium-duty fleets. After all, while the on-board charger on the Nissan Leaf may limit charging to 6.6kW, the on-board charger on a medium-duty bus might accept 16.6kW. The Series 7 Plus is the perfect charging station for fleet vehicles with higher power requirements.

Series 7 Plus Features

So what’s the difference between the Series 7 and Series 7 Plus charging stations? Light-duty fleets can save money with the 7.2kW Series 7. Medium-duty fleets, or light-duty fleets with more powerful batteries, need the 19.2kW Series 7 Plus. The Series 7 Plus is the most powerful Level 2 fleet charging station on the market, and it helps you save money.

The Series 7 and Series 7 Plus charging stations are smart stations that give fleet managers the tools they need to manage, operate, and optimize their fleet. Each station has two plugs so you can simultaneously charge two vehicles. With SemaConnect Fleet Management, you can group vehicles by type and assign each vehicle to a station. Set alerts and notifications if a vehicle plugs in or unplugs early, late, or before charging is complete. You can schedule charging for off-peak or partial peak hours so that you can save on your building’s utility bills. Finally, you can generate reports on usage, costs, and sustainability for your stakeholders or corporate sustainability team.

Whether you manage a business or government fleet, you need the best EV charging station for your vehicles. The new Series 7 Plus gives you the tools you need now for your new EV fleet. Ready to get started? Request your quote today for your new EV charging stations for fleets.