If you’re a forward-thinking business owner or manager, you might be wondering if electric vehicles (EVs) are worth the investment. After all, replacing your fleet can be costly up front. But EVs and EV charging stations will save your business thousands of dollars in the long run. Here are a few benefits for your business.

Electric Vehicles are Eco-Friendly

Everyone is looking for eco-friendly options for home and business. Whether you’re considering ENERGY STAR certified household appliances, sustainable roofing, or reductions in carbon emissions, now is the perfect time to make your business more sustainable. And with increased developments in solar technology, you can even connect your EV charging stations to your property’s solar panels. Renewables such as solar, wind, and water are now cheaper than coal and other fossil fuels, and many utilities are now cleaning up their energy generation portfolios to save on costs. What does that mean? Because electric vehicles use electricity from the local grid, they continue to become more environmentally-friendly every year.

Whether your business is already thinking about sustainability or is getting ready to make the first step, electric vehicles are a clean, zero-emissions solution for companies. Today’s employees and customers want to do business with organizations that are making an effort to reduce carbon emissions and leave a better tomorrow. Your fleet is one visible way to truly make an impact on your carbon footprint.

Electric Vehicles are Less Expensive and Easier to Maintain

Electric cars require less annual maintenance than a gasoline vehicle. Not only do internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles need gasoline and annual oil changes, but they also have thousands of moving parts that can break down. In fact, the drivetrain in an ICE vehicle has 2,000+ moving parts. An electric vehicle only needs 20. That means that an EV owner spends less time in the repair shop and less money on expensive parts. In addition, federal, state, and local funding is available to help businesses or individuals buy an electric vehicle.

Once you’ve saved money on your electric vehicles, you can also save on your “electric fuel.” As mentioned earlier, electric vehicles use electricity from your local grid. While the cost of electricity varies per local market, filling up an EV costs half the price of filling up a gasoline vehicle.

EV Charging for Fleets and Employees

Finally, while switching to electric vehicles optimizes your fleets, it also helps supports your employee recruiting and retention. Prospective employees want to work at companies that are doing good. With smart EV charging stations, you can charge up your fleet and offer a valuable employee amenity. It’s an easy way to prove your commitment to the environment and encourage EV adoption among your employees. Whether you install dedicated fleet stations or choose a shared solution for your team, you can manage your entire program with the SemaConnect Network.

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