As we near the end of 2019, we naturally look back on where we have been as we plan for where we will go. 2019 was a monumental year for SemaConnect. While we have been sharing our biggest moments and blogs from the year with #SemaConnect2019 on social media, we wanted to give you a recap of our four most newsworthy highlights from 2019. Here is the most important news that you should know about SemaConnect smart EV charging in 2019.

We won!

At the end of 2017, after being awarded part of Electrify America’s Level 2 EV charging installation contract, we were sued for patent infringement by our big competitor. ChargePoint claimed that we had violated their network patents. We knew that we had not. The judge dismissed the case in 2018, and then the US Court of Appeals dismissed it again in 2019. We believe that open networks, innovation, and competition allow the entire EV charging industry to give EV drivers the best charging experience possible. Here’s a longer explanation of the case.

We relaunched the Series 5

In May, we relaunched the Series 5 smart EV charging station for personal charging at apartments and fleets. A common question from property managers has been, “How can I serve the Tesla driver at my property who has their own parking space?” With the Series 5, property managers can assign a charging station to a specific driver at a specific space. Whether your multifamily property has shared parking, dedicated parking, or both, you can serve your tenants with the best EV charging station.

We launched the new SemaConnect App

Most EV drivers choose to start a charging session with a mobile app, which is our team worked long hours to make sure that Version 2.0 of the SemaConnect App had the features drivers most need. We revamped the visual look of our app and made it easier to find a charging station near you! If you have not updated your mobile app yet, be sure to head over to the App Store or Play Store today to download the latest version of the SemaConnect App.

Electrify America

Our team and partners worked tirelessly to complete the big Electrify America installation project in 2018-2019. We worked with CBRE to install over 1,000 charging stations at 215 properties in 15 metro areas across the United States. Together, we completed the job on time and within budget. Through this partnership, we learned better ways to scale a large charging project, made site walks more efficient, and worked with more local officials than ever before to ensure ADA compliancy.

2019 was an exciting year at SemaConnect, and we were honored to work with even more property managers, regional managers, electricians, and team members. Thank you to all of our partners, clients, and drivers – you made it a great year.