Electric vehicles are becoming more popular with American consumers with each passing year. The EV advocacy organization Veloz estimates that there are over 1.6 million EVs on the road across the United States today… and that number increases every day! Electric cars help Americans and Canadians reduce carbon emissions and meet public sustainability goals. While that’s certainly good news for the planet, it’s also good news for business owners. By harnessing the power of electric vehicle charging stations at your business, you can increase revenue, boost sales, and save money.

EV Stations Support Your Company’s Image

Installing EV stations on your commercial property can boost your public profile while reducing carbon emissions in your area. Want to encourage drivers in your community to make the switch to electric cars? Install a few charging stations to support charging on the go. Upon downloading their first EV charging station locator app, many drivers are surprised to discover that there are already local businesses with charging stations installed for the public. With public charging stations, you quite literally put your business on the EV map.

Secondly, offering charging amenities can boost your company’s reputation as a green business. Whether you’re announcing your stations in the press, recruiting team members, or attracting green-minded customers, your corporate image is important. Customers want to buy from businesses that align with their values. When a customer is passionate about sustainability or reducing carbon emissions, they look for businesses that support electric vehicles.

EV Stations Help You Boost Sales

Because EV stations can put you on the map and attract customers to your place of business, they can actually encourage them to spend more time in and around your facility. When using a charging station away from home, EV owners are more than willing to stick around while their car fuels up. That gives you plenty of opportunities to connect with these customers and convince them to patronize your business. You might end up making loyal customers out of individuals who had never visited your property prior to your decision to install charging stations. Whether you are winning a repeat customer or encouraging a shopper to fill their shopping basket at your store, installing EV charging stations can increase your sales.

It’s also worth noting that many facilities that offer access to EV stations offer this access/energy at a cost. While many workplace or multifamily property owners may make these charging stations available to tenants as a free amenity, commercial property owners can choose to charge drivers for use. With an EV charging network, station owners can program their stations to charge drivers for energy consumed or time spent charging. How much you decide to charge is up to you, but this can be an excellent way to offset the costs of electricity.

EV Stations Can Help You Save Money

Finally, EV charging stations can help you save money. Opting to support environmentally friendly initiatives can help you stay on budget while making a positive impact. ENERGY STAR certified products like the SemaConnect Series 6 commercial charging station are energy efficient and help businesses save money. Many local utilities, counties, and states even offer rebates for installing workplace or apartment charging stations. There’s even a 30% federal tax credit available to businesses that install charging stations before December 31, 2020!

In many ways, going green goes hand-in-hand with saving and making green. To learn more about how you can make your business more profitable by installing EV charging solutions, please contact SemaConnect today.