Electric vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity, and they may become the majority of new car sales in the near future. This trend will continue to increase the demand for convenient placed to charge electric vehicles. One of these places is the workplace. Here are a few ways that having EV charging stations at work can benefit your employees and your business.

1. Enhance Employee Experiences

Employees who drive electric cars can charge their cars while they’re at work. This will be an added convenience for your employees, which will improve morale and job satisfaction. This improved employee experience can lead to lower turnover rates, which end up benefiting the bottom line of your business. It can help improve your public reputation too!

2. Build Community

Research shows that building a sense of community and having common interest areas at work can benefit company morale and job satisfaction. Having EV charging stations will allow your employees to bond over something they have in common, leading to increased teamwork and improved communication.

3. Attract New Talent

Installing EV charging stations and getting the word out about them can improve your company’s image in the eyes of current and potential employees. People who are interested in EVs tend to have an environmental mindset that they want their employer to match. Having charging stations for these people may make them feel more welcome in your company and help you attract a wider variety of talent in a highly competitive market.

4. Help the Environment

Having EV charging stations shows a commitment to the environment. EV charging stations help lower pollution by making EV adoption easier. This has a positive effect on everyone who lives nearby and it shows the community that you care about global issues.

5. Gain Revenue

There are several ways to make money from having an electric vehicle charging station at work. Some companies may choose to charge employees or clients that use the station, while others may advertise on the station itself. Either of these options can be beneficial and lead to increased revenue. Many states and utilities also offer incentives to offset or cover the cost of installation. If your employees are already buying electric vehicles, it only makes sense to provide them with the convenience of having charging at work.

If you’re interested in learning more about installing an EV station for your company, contact us today! We’re more than happy to help you find the best solution for your needs.