In case you missed it, SemaConnect announced our first home charging station last month: the Series 4. Not only is it our third new EV charging station for 2021, but it’s also our official expansion from commercial to consumer use! Here’s what you need to know about the Series 4.

Flexible EV charging

The Series 4 is a Level 2 charging station with flexible amperage. This flexibility is designed to support all plug-in electric vehicles at your home. If your plug-in is limited to a maximum capacity of 7.2kW and 30amp, you can use your Series 4 as a standard Level 2 charging station. But if you drive a higher-powered vehicle such as a Tesla or Rivian, you can set your Series 4 to charge your vehicle at 12kW and 50amp! This flexibility is a top request from both Tesla owners who need a 50amp home charging station and developers who want to future-proof a home, but don’t know which vehicle the next homeowner might drive.

Smart features for home EV charging

The top home charging features don’t end with flexible amperage. The Series 4 home charging station also brings SemaConnect’s most popular commercial features to the home. This compact, wall-mounted station is easy to use and easy to install. It has SemaConnect’s distinctive interactive LED lights and a new OLED display to help you view charging status from a distance. Homeowners and home builders can easily choose one of two installation options: NEMA 14-50 plug or hard-wiring by a licensed electrician. Plus, connecting your Series 4 to your home’s wifi enables over-the-air updates, smart charging controls with the SemaConnect app, and more.

What next?

The SemaConnect Series 4 is now open for preorder through the SemaConnect website! If you’re an EV driver, you can order your new home EV charging station with NEMA 14-50 plug or hardwiring. If you’re a developer or architect, you can now add SemaConnect to the specs for your single-family home projects. Simply contact your sales manager to get started.