One of the most common complaints of electric vehicle (EV) drivers comes when they need a membership to charge at public stations. Many companies force drivers to register with their network to plug in, resulting in a phone and wallet filled with multiple charging apps and cards. SemaConnect is different. Unlike the other companies, SemaConnect is an open network, helping drivers charge without joining a membership program.

Introducing the Series 8 Retail EV Charging Station

The SemaConnect Network is an open platform that gives drivers the option to pay using a SemaConnect membership or a third-party driver app such as Plugshare or ChargeHub. The new Series 8 Retail Charging Station takes this a step further with an all-new credit card reader and NFC capabilities. Now, any EV driver can start a charge with their credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, making the Series 8 the most convenient charging station on the market. No apps or memberships needed!

The Series 8 also features dual plugs and a large color LCD screen that provides drivers with easy instructions to start a charge. Drivers who need help can call SemaConnect’s 24-hour customer service number. And, thanks to SemaConnect’s full-service warranty and customer support team, station owners get worry-free charging after installation. Simply choose your pricing policy and let us do the work!

How EV Chargers Benefit Business

Now is the perfect time for retail and public parking managers to join the EV charging revolution. Electric cars are quickly moving to mass-market adoption, and you don’t want to be left behind. EV owners love to plug-in anytime they get an opportunity and are willing to wait for a full charge. Drivers can also find public charging stations on a map, which brings potential customers that may not have visited otherwise.

Getting Started With EV Chargers

If you’re thinking about adding charging stations to your property, now is the time. The government recently renewed the Federal Alternative Fuel Vehicle Infrastructure Tax Credit through December 31, 2021. Now, businesses that install new EV charging stations before the end of the year can receive credit for 30% of the total cost on stations and installation, up to $30,000 per location.

The SemaConnect team makes it easy by giving you a clear roadmap to get from point A to point B. Customers receive support in everything from station selection and installation to marketing and press coverage.

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