Recently, Electrify America announced that it had signed network interoperability agreements with its three Level II charging vendors. What that means is that participating charging stations can work together, even if they come from different vendors. Read how OCPP makes this possible.

Electrify America’s mission is to create a charging network that will help EV adoption and support EV drivers. They have already started installing charging stations at workplaces, apartments, and highways. The next step is getting this network of stations to talk to each other.

Enter the new interoperable network. Pretty soon, drivers using the EA network will be able to use as many as 12,500 chargers from SemaConnect, EV Connect, and Greenlots. This is bigThink one card for all.

Benefits for Drivers

If you’re a member of the Electrify America network, you will be able to use a SemaConnect station, even if you yourself do not have a SemaConnect account.

And it’s not just SemaConnect stations at Electrify America host properties. You will be able to use any public SemaConnect station with your Electrify America network card.

Without interoperability agreements, if you want to charge at a networked station, you have to join each station provider’s network. Now, if you join the new Electrify America interoperable network, you gain access to all stations within the blue circle above, whether they were installed by the green, pink, purple, or yellow company.

The new Electrify America interoperable network gives you access to more public charging stations…Finally, True Roaming!

Benefits for Properties

By being a SemaConnect customer, you gain access to the leading EV charging network – the SemaConnect Network – which automatically will connect you to the Electrify America interoperable network. Drivers will be able to truly roam and use all the stations available in the Electrify America network.

The new Electrify America interoperable network will enable the spread of EVs in America, and we’re excited to be part of it. At last, one card for all!