While many people are all too eager to return to normalcy, most of us realize that we need to be careful when leaving our homes. As retail businesses start to reopen all across the country, many shopping centers want to ensure consumers feel their visits are worthwhile. Whether or not your store or shopping center has already reopened, you’re probably planning new ways to bring customers back to your business.

Attracting customers during COVID-19

Because shoppers are concerned about visiting too many locations or straying too far from home, they’re now combining errands into just a few stops. How to convince them to choose your store instead of your competitor? Install smart EV charging stations for your customers. For consumers who drive electric vehicles, of which there are now over 1 million in the United States, picking up a pharmacy order or buying a new outfit can be made even more efficient if they can also charge their cars.

The ability to multitask is something that customers are already drawn to – especially those who are in younger demographics. In this new normal, it makes sense to make as few trips as possible. Offering a way for consumers to use EV stations while taking care of their shopping can allow you to appeal to those who are both eco-conscious and health-conscious. And because your drivers can start a charge using their cell phone instead of a credit card reader, EV charging is even safer than visiting a gas station.

The role of retailers and restaurants

According to a recent webinar held by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, adding EV charging networks to retail and restaurant locations (which typically co-mingle in shopping centers and plazas) will be one of the most profitable ways to expanded EV infrastructure. Not surprisingly, the addition of EV charging networks can positively impact the number of new customers coming in and how long those customers stay — resulting in huge potential for increasing your sales. Drivers have a “top-off” mentality when it comes to charging, which means that they will charge where they see a charging station. Have a long shopping list? Planning for a long line at the checkout? That’s the perfect time to plug in at your stations.

Retailers hold the power to close the gap between the number of electric vehicles on the road and the EV charging networks needed to support them. What many business owners fail to realize is just how much they stand to gain by installing electric vehicle charging stations. Many retailers experience significant customer draw after installing these stations, which provides them with a more diverse customer base and encourages consumers to stick around. Cost-sharing between businesses operating in one retail center can make installation costs much more manageable while allowing all businesses to benefit.

In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, it’s essential to make adjustments that will allow your business to thrive. As states allow businesses to reopen and residents rush to get back to their old routines, now is the perfect time to consider installing these charging stations in your retail center. For more information on how to get started, please EV charging networks.

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