In case you missed last week’s announcement, we recently partnered with CBRE to install over 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations in 15 metropolitan areas across the United States. Supporting Cycle One of Electrify America’s investment in zero-emissions vehicle infrastructure, we installed Series 6 smart EV charging stations at 215 workplaces and multifamily communities throughout the country. Under the Electrify America program, these properties will receive ten years of SemaConnect Network Services and maintenance to support drivers charging at work and home.

What We Learned

With such a wide deployment, we learned how to make installations more efficient. With CBRE managing the installation, we were able to find better ways to complete and document an EV charging site walk. Our partnership with CBRE helped us create more scalable, cost-efficient solutions so new clients can install EV charging stations without breaking the budget.

Second, because ADA compliance was important for many of the Electrify America installations, we worked with more cities and properties to ensure accessibility at charging stations. ADA regulations on parking vary by locality, so our team worked with local officials to ensure that each ADA accessible charging station actually met the requirements.

Going Forward

As we go forward, we will continue to support our station owners and drivers! We look forward to helping our new station hosts attract new tenants and clients with their new SemaConnect stations. We’re also looking forward to supporting CBRE’s green goals and luxury amenities.

As far as drivers are concerned, thanks to interoperability agreements between Electrify America and SemaConnect, our stations will appear on the Electrify America mobile app and locator. And Electrify America drivers will be able to use their network accounts to charge at SemaConnect stations – even without creating a SemaConnect account!

We would like to thank Electrify America, the many participating commercial property site hosts, our national installation partner CBRE and the entire project management team for a successful program. We’d also like to give a special thanks to Lisa Colicchio, who helped springboard the program by coordinating the contributions of CBRE. Together, we’re making electric vehicle adoption possible for millions of Americans!

Want to learn more about EV charging at your workplace? Click here to download our free white paper on workplace EV charging.