In case you missed it, Google announced an exciting new update last week for electric vehicle drivers. Now, when you use Google Maps on your phone or computer, you can search for SemaConnect electric vehicle charging stations near you.

How to find SemaConnect stations on Google Maps

On Google Maps, a quick search for “EV charging,” “electric vehicle charging,” or “electric car charging” will reveal red icons for nearby SemaConnect charging stations on your screen.

Even more useful is the ability to see what kinds of stations are at a property, how many there are, and how fast they charge. That information is available when you first view a list of nearby stations. You don’t have to worry about arriving at a store only to realize that it has the wrong kind of plug shape or charging speed for your car.

How do I get it?

The new Google Maps update has already started rolling out to mobile users. If you have the most recent Android or iOS app update, you can already update the app and use the new features. The new features will be available in a few weeks on the desktop version of Google Maps.

We’re excited to be included as one of the EV charging companies now featured on Google Maps. People always ask us if electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging is really as popular as we say. The new stations on Google will help EV drivers in two ways. First, drivers can easily navigate to a station in an unfamiliar area. Second, property managers can see just how important EV charging is and can install stations where drivers need to charge. SemaConnect stations on Google Maps will make life much easier for drivers and properties.