Question: If you want awareness of electric vehicles to spread, who should you talk to?
Answer: Everyone connected to electric vehicles!

Whether they make EVs, write laws about transportation, or do environmental research, every stakeholder in the electric vehicle conversation has a unique and important role in EV adoption. Just like EVs need EV drivers and EV charging infrastructure to succeed, EV adoption needs cooperation from the people who can make it happen.

This month marked the official launch of Veloz and their “Electric For All” EV awareness campaign. SemaConnect is among the newest members of the group, which includes 42 stakeholders including General Motors, Electrify America, the California Energy Commission, the Sierra Club, and PlugShare to name a few. The biggest, most influential minds have joined together in one group to transform mobility and accelerate EV adoption in California!

Why California?

It’s no surprise to anyone that California is leading the charge into electric vehicles. California makes up about 50% of the EV market. It’s a state that famously experiences the effects of climate change and pollution firsthand. In 2017, the US Census Bureau estimated its population at 39,536,653, and the California Department of Motor Vehicles counted 25,467,663 licensed cars. That’s a lot of people, a lot of vehicles, and a lot of carbon emissions.

These high pollution rates led the state of California to pass laws in 2006 that reduced greenhouse gas emissions levels to 1990 levels by 2020. These laws tightened standards for acceptable vehicle emissions and required industries to reduce their pollution. In 2015, Governor Brown set a new goal: that by 2030, California would reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 1990 levels, and that 50% of its electricity would come from renewable energy. This year, the California Air Resources Board reported that California had already met its 2020 goal by 2016. As a response, Governor Brown released a new executive order setting a new goal of zero emissions by 2045 and only negative emissions (using carbon dioxide rather than releasing it) after.

When California acts, the rest of the country follows

The conversations that happen between Veloz members and the awareness campaigns like “Electric for All” will send ripple effects throughout the country. We’re excited to sit at the Veloz table and help more Californians learn about and access electric vehicles.

A few months ago, after a news release that mentioned Veloz, I emailed our Northern California Territory Manager to learn more about the group.

Bethany (SemaConnect Marketing): Hey Ryan, are you familiar with Veloz?
Ryan (SemaConnect Sales Manager): YES!!!! ANYTHING we can do to get involved with them will help.

Pretty soon, every Californian will share Ryan’s excitement. “Electric for All,” indeed.