Last week we announced our new Series 5 smart electric vehicle charging station for dedicated multifamily applications. The Series 5 Personal EV charging station was created specifically for multifamily properties! But if you manage an apartment or condo, which charging station is right for you?

Series 5 Personal Charging

The Series 5 personal is a dedicated driving station for a single driver. It’s designed for use at assigned parking spaces. If your parking has designated spaces that are reserved for specific residents, then the Series 5 may be your best option. With the Series 5, you assign the station to a specific driver. There are three monthly payment plans that you can select from: a monthly flat fee, a monthly fee + electricity, or monthly fee + flow time. Whatever you choose, your tenants get that personal touch – an EV charging station for their own exclusive use. An amazing amenity and a great way to make those tenants feel valued. All you have to do is assign the driver to the station, then sit back and let SemaConnect take care of the driver sign-up and the billing and we send you station revenues.

Series 6 Shared Charging

The Series 6 is designed for shared use and is much more flexible. The payment options are more robust and you have the ability to create hourly pricing and create and assign drivers to specific user groups. For example, free to tenants and $2 hour for visitors, or $1 for tenants and $3 for visitors. You can also set up penalty charges for those who don’t move their car after a certain amount of time. And with the Series 6 charging station, your property can show up on Google maps with availability and pricing information.

It’s perfect for your community parking and guest parking areas. If you want to provide charging amenities to tenants who are not assigned a dedicated space, if you have a guest parking lot, or if you want to win over prospective residents touring your community, you want Series 6 stations.

The SemaConnect Network

With the SemaConnect Network, you can manage your entire EV charging program. Whether it’s one station or 100, the SemaConnect Network allows you to manage all Series 5 and Series 6 stations for one location or many. You can also set up different pricing plans by station or location, add drivers or stations, view sustainability and usage reports, and more.

Want to install smart EV charging stations at your apartment or condo? Need advice on your specific needs? The first step is a project consultation. Click here to get started.

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