The need for alternative forms of energy is growing every day and electric vehicle technology is overtaking. Now EV models are competing against conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) models. Now it’s time to replace a fleets of commercial gasoline vehicles with electric vehicles. Making the switch from ICE vehicles to electric vehicles for your commercial fleet may seem like a big jump. Here’s why the investment in commercial electric vehicles and charging stations is worth it.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Sustainability is the new trend for consumers and companies. Not only are drivers buying electric cars for personal use, but consumers are pressuring companies to reduce emissions and environmental impact throughout the supply chain. That’s why utility providers, governments, and companies have renewed focus on electric vehicles. By investing in commercial charging stations for your new electric fleet, you can get ahead of the competition and lead by example in your company’s industry. Stay on-trend with current technology and prove your organization’s sustainability while also saving on cost.

Save Money on Fueling

As we all know, the price of oil is constantly fluctuating. Automotive Fleet writes that 60% of a fleet’s operational budget is spent on fuel. That’s why fuel costs are driving the switch to electric fleets. Your EV fleet “refuels” from the local grid, which typically has less volatile prices than oil. Rather than paying $2.85 per gallon of gasoline, you can pay just $1.16 per eGallon! Fueling a fleet of commercial electric vehicles means more predictable and lower costs fuel costs. And because the cost of electricity stays relatively even over time, you can more adequately budget for your company’s fuel expenses and save more money over time.

Refuel Conveniently

You won’t have to worry about your commercial vehicles needing to stop for gas – instead, you’ll have convenient charging stations for electric vehicles wherever you park your commercial fleet. You can even use load management features to schedule charging overnight during off-peak or partial-peak electricity rates! Smart EV charging solutions allow your fleet to stay charged up without last-minute trips to the gas station. And if your drivers need to use a public charging station, they have access to thousands of SemaConnect charging stations across North America.

Making the switch to electric vehicles and investing in charging stations for electric vehicles may seem overwhelming, it’s an easy choice. To learn more about your options for commercial EV charging stations for your business, contact the SemaConnect team today!