If you’re in the retail industry, your busiest season is now in full swing. On Black Friday, the official start to the holiday season, foot traffic in brick-and-mortar stores increased by 48-61% over last year’s low sales. Shoppers were excited to buy in-store again, and they wanted to buy their favorite gifts before stock ran out. The pandemic has accelerated changes in the retail industry, and there is no turning back. For stores and shopping centers that want to stay ahead, electric vehicle charging stations are essential.

Shoppers need public EV charging stations

Unlike gas cars, electric vehicles need to “refuel” when parked at a location. While most drivers charge at home or at the office, these are not the only places people go. Whether they’re store employees charging during a shift or customers plugging in while checking items off their shopping list, smart EV charging stations fill a necessary gap. With over 2 million electric vehicles currently on the road, and President Biden’s goal of 50% of new car sales being EVs by 2030, stores and retailers will serve an increasing number of EV drivers every year. Electric cars charge where they are parked, and they need to charge at your property.

Making charging an experience

Luxury retailers and malls have been announcing their experiential shopping programs for several years. After all, once a customer can buy a dress, book, or car online, why would they need to enter the store? For customers with electric vehicles, charging while shopping at your store is a unique experience that your competitors do not yet offer. With the Series 8 retail charging station, your EV charging stations will appear on public maps such as Google Maps and PlugShare, helping you attract EV drivers who want to charge while running errands. And with the built-in credit card reader, it’s even easier for your customers to pay for usage.

Monetize your parking

For many shopping centers and retailers, customers already regularly park their vehicles for several hours at a time. Whether they are visiting multiple stores in your shopping center or, less ideally, leaving the property to return at the end of the day, these customers represent an additional opportunity for revenue. With smart charging stations, you can charge the EV drivers already parking at your property and attract new ones. You can even charge a penalty fee to those who leave their vehicles plugged in too long!

For many retailers, this holiday season will determine strategy moving forward. Smart retail managers and facilities managers are planning new services that will attract customers and make the most of their parking. Ready to get started with EV charging at your store? Click here to request your quote.

Bethany Villarreal

Bethany joined the SemaConnect marketing team in 2018 and is now a Content Marketing Program Manager. Passionate about sustainability and good storytelling, she’s proud to help shape the story of electric vehicle growth and EV charging. Bethany earned a BBA in International Business and a minor in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin (hook ’em!). When not writing about EVs, Bethany also writes a literature blog and dreams of ordering her future Volkswagen ID Buzz.