‘Tis the season for entertaining and gift giving, and millions of people are already making their shopping lists. They’re thinking ahead to hosting family and friends at Thanksgiving, shopping for their children’s gifts, and hosting the annual holiday party. If you manage a store or restaurant, you’re probably already planning ahead for your increased traffic. And with over 1 million electric vehicles on the road in the US and over 40 plug-in electric vehicles on the market, chances are that you’ll see some EVs at your property. If you’re looking for the next big amenity that will attract repeat customers from Thanksgiving and beyond, you want to plan for electric vehicle charging stations that will serve these drivers.

Shopping for energy and groceries

Imagine: after a long day of driving across town and running errands, you look down at your car display and realize you have 10 miles of range left, and you still need to buy bread. An increasing number of retailers are installing EV charging stations to give a boost to drivers who want to charge while they make their weekly grocery trip or while shopping for the perfect gift. Charging stations benefit both store and customer: stores can attract a new customer who will shop around while waiting for the energy they need to get home. And because they’re plugged in while running errands, customers can take charging their EV off their checklist!

Dining and charging

Restaurants are another popular retail destination for EV drivers who want to charge their vehicle while they dine. Think of it this way: after you sit down, order drinks and an appetizer, eat an entrée, and finish your dessert, your car has probably been charging for over an hour. You may even have the same range as you woke up in the morning! Drivers who charge at a local restaurant while meeting with family, friends, or colleagues will continue to order food and drinks for as long as they need to top off their charge. If you want to encourage drivers to spend more time dining, installing EV charging stations is a great way to make sure your diners stay through dessert.

Managers at retail stores and restaurants are increasingly installing EV charging stations in order to attract regular customers who want to shop or eat while they charge. But installing charging stations also boosts your company’s green image and helps you market to trendy, green-focused electric vehicle drivers! By working with an EV charging company, you can make your location stand out from a sea of similar retailers and restaurants.

The holidays are coming, and so are your customers. Click here to learn more about why retailers are installing EV charging stations for their customers.