There are now over 1 million electric vehicles on the road in the United States. Unlike the general population, these drivers like to plan out where they can refuel while running their holiday errands. If you are a mall or retailer looking to increase your holiday foot traffic, electric vehicle charging stations can make your establishment a destination for EV drivers.

Your target customers drive electric vehicles

There’s no easy way to say it: you want customers with disposable income to shop at your store. EV drivers like to be productive while their car is charging, and shopping for gifts is a favorite activity.

EV drivers are wealthy, educated, and intentional in their shopping habits. A CarMax and CleanTechnica survey last year found that 69% of EV drivers make at least $75,000 per year, and 70% are college-educated. They are spread out across age groups and generations. Generally, they also bought their EV because they were concerned about their impact on the environment. What does this mean? EV drivers have money to spend, and they want to shop at businesses that support sustainable practices.

EV charging: a great amenity for customers

Customer experiences are the new trend for bringing traffic back into the store. In Marketing Week recently, Holly Klimek from Cushman & Wakefield was quoted saying that department stores should create a “community vibe” in order to become community anchors. While some retailers install yoga studios and virtual fitting rooms in their experiential retail efforts, we believe that charging stations provide the most meaningful customer experience.

Level 2 charging stations are perfect for shared spaces, like malls. They benefit both drivers who need to charge and don’t want to be bored, and retailers who get a steady group of weekly customers.

So what can you upsell in four hours?

Generally speaking, an electric vehicle will charge about 25 miles of range per hour using level 2 charging. What does this mean for you? If a driver is charging, they can spend anywhere from an hour to as many as four hours at your property.

Jesus Ferro, EV driver and director of marketing at SemaConnect, tells a story about one visit to Mom’s Organic Market. “I walked in to buy milk, but I also needed to charge my car. I ended up doing my week’s grocery shopping, all the while my car was charging for free ­– thank you Mom’s Organic Market.”

EV charging gets customers through your doors and into your aisles. If you have not planned for EV drivers on your property, you are missing out. Learn more about EV charging at some of the other retailers and shopping centers that have installed SemaConnect stations.