This month is a big month for green holidays with Ozone Day on September 16, and Zero Emissions Day and National Cleanup Day on September 21. Not to mention National Drive Electric Week and National Clean Energy Week during the last two weeks of the month! These holidays combined with hurricane season mean that climate change and corporate sustainability are top-of-mind for many people in North America.

If you’ve been reading our blog or attending our webinars, you might have heard us say, “EV charging helps you future-proof your property.” How can one amenity propel you into the future? Here are four ways that EV charging helps you stay “au courant.”

EV Charging Reduces Emissions

This is the most obvious benefit of EV charging at commercial properties. Electric vehicles need places to charge, so increasing the availability of charging stations makes it easier for drivers to charge their cars at home, work, and on the go. With global emissions at a high, increases in “once in a lifetime” natural disasters, and our planet predicted to rise at least 2.7°F (or 1.5°C) above preindustrial levels, everyone must do their part to help reduce emissions. Promoting electric vehicles helps decrease our dependency on oil and can contribute towards state, national, and international emissions goals.

EV Charging Shows that You Value Sustainability

The studies are in: today’s consumers expect businesses to value social responsibility. According to the EPA, transportation contributes nearly 30% of total American greenhouse gas emissions, more than any other sector. A recent report found that more than 70% of global emissions came from only 100 companies. By reducing emissions at your property, you prove that you share your customers’ and stakeholders’ value for a sustainable future.

EV Charging Shows that You Value Future Drivers

One of the benefits to adding EV charging stations to your property is that in installing charging amenities, you show that you care about current and future EV drivers. In many parts of the country, electric vehicles are just starting to catch on. EV charging at a multifamily or workplace amenity is a much welcome surprise to drivers who are discovering that you are planning for their specific needs. When considering two different apartment communities or two potential new employers, your charging stations may be the factor that wins you new business or talent.

EV Charging Shows that You Listen to Current Drivers

The final reason why many commercial properties install charging stations is to fulfill driver demand. As more drivers switch to electric vehicles, they expect to find charging stations wherever they spend their time- whether it’s at a multifamily community, workplace, retailer, hotel, or hospital. Furthermore, they know that commercial charging stations are available at these types of properties. Installing smart charging stations shows that you respond to client requests, and that you want to continue to win their business.

Supporting EV drivers and installing EV charging stations sets you apart from the competition, helps the environment, and boosts client retention. If you’re looking for a way to show your relevancy and attract future profits, charging amenities are the perfect choice.

Thinking of boosting your triple-bottom-line with smart EV charging? Ask your SemaConnect sales manager how to get started.