One of the greatest benefits to networked commercial charging stations is the ability to restrict access. At the beginning of the EV charging industry, property managers were less worried about controlling access. If there were only one or two EV drivers in the community, who would notice if they siphoned off a little energy or used a station at a private property for a couple of hours? But now that electric cars are becoming mainstream, the ability to control access and charge public users for electricity is essential. Here are two ways that the SemaConnect Network helps you reserve your car charging stations for your private users.

Public versus Private Charging

First, let’s discuss the key terms. Smart networked, EV charging stations connect to a cloud-based network that controls the flow of electricity from station to vehicle, communicates with a payment system, and monitors station health remotely. Using a charging network, an EV charging company can control who can charge and how much they pay. Want to restrict stations to an approved list of users? Want to charge public and private fees? The SemaConnect Network has this capability.

Restricting Access with Member Groups

If your parking is accessible to the public, you want to approve drivers before they can charge, or you want to offer different pricing to different users, you want to create a member group. Some offices share parking with other nearby businesses. Some multifamily communities are not enclosed by a gate. With SemaConnect, station owners can program their stations to only allow approved drivers to charge. Station owners can set their stations to Members Only, then share an invitation code with their employees or tenants. When a driver adds this invitation or access code to their SemaConnect driver account, the station administrator receives an email that will prompt them to approve or reject that user. Only drivers approved and added to their property’s member group can charge at these private stations!

Some commercial properties install charging stations as a workplace or apartment amenity, but they also want to allow guests to charge at a fee. Station owners can set their stations to Members and Public, allowing public users to charge at a SemaConnect station without needing member approval. A mixed use property, for example, could allow employees or residents in the member group to charge for free, while public users visiting nearby stores would pay $2 per hour.

Restricting Access with Map Visibility

Some property managers do not want to approve users, but they still want to ensure that only their own employees can charge. Restricting map visibility is another option for these properties. Separate from station membership or authentication, SemaConnect station administrators can set their map visibility to Members Only or Admin Only, while allowing users to charge without needing approval on the SemaConnect Network. Stations with restricted visibility are invisible on public locator maps such as SemaConnect, PlugShare, or Google Maps. Drivers can charge with a SemaConnect Pass or by typing the station serial number into the SemaConnect app, but they will only know the station is available if they are physically at the station.

SemaConnect charging stations are customizable to fit a variety of commercial property needs. Whether you manage a workplace or multifamily community, the SemaConnect team helps you plan, manage, and monitor your charging stations. Ready to get started with smart EV charging? Click here to request your quote today.

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