EV Adoption predicts that in the United States, electric cars will reach a mass adoption rate of 16% of sales as early as 2028. The state of California recently announced a complete phase-out of gasoline car sales by 2035. And worldwide, electric vehicles are projected to make up roughly 58% of new car sales worldwide by 2040. With this rapid increase in electric vehicle use over the next few years, now is the perfect time for business owners to consider future-proofing with commercial electric car charging stations at their properties. How can a few commercial electric car charging stations help you plan for the future? Here are three benefits for your property.

Charging Stations Demonstrate Your Care for Drivers

Whether you manage a hotel, an apartment community, or a hospital, commercial electric car charging stations prove that you care about meeting your customers’ needs. Depending on where you live, you may already have numerous EV drivers visiting your property! Installing a few smart charging stations not only shows that you are thinking about your current clientele, but also that you are planning for new eco-conscious customers. For example, if you manage a hotel, you want potential guests to find you when searching for accommodations. When a driver is planning an EV road trip, they will find your location on a charging map or travel guide and book a room so they can charge overnight. If you manage a shopping center, your customers will appreciate charging while holiday shopping on Black Friday.

Charging Stations Showcase Your Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Electric cars are an environmentally-conscious investment. By adding a commercial electric car charging station on your property, you are demonstrating two things: that you support the environment and that you support your customers’ eco-friendly choices. In an age where eco-friendly initiatives are influential in purchase and investment decisions, showcasing that message to your customers can help build trust. And of course, when your customers believe that your business supports their sustainable lifestyle, they’re more likely to utilize your services. Therefore, by installing a charging station, you are demonstrating your company’s values. This promotes goodwill toward your business and sends an important message to your consumers with electric vehicles.

Charging Stations Draw New EV Owners to Your Business

Finally, installing a commercial electric car charging station to your parking can add a little residual income. Most importantly, you will attract new electric vehicle owners. If a customer needs a charge, they will plug in, then spend time shopping inside your business. If an EV driver is looking for a hotel or apartment, they will choose your company. As our sales team says, “What is a new customer worth to you?” EV charging stations can help you boost your revenue, simply by helping you stand out from the competition!

Commercial electric car charging stations are a great way to stand out as a consumer-driven, environmentally-conscious business. Ready to get started? Request your quote today!