You might not think you need an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at your business, but here’s a fact that may change your mind: according to a recent Bloomberg report, EVs will account for 54% of all new car sales around the world by 2040. This means that your employees and customers will soon be driving an EV (if they aren’t already). Here are just three of the most beneficial things you’ll experience when you install an EV charging station at your workplace.

Improved Customer Retention

As more people switch to EVs, why not stay ahead of the curve and get charging stations installed? Doing so will improve customer retention and bring more people to your property. If you own an apartment building or similar business, you’re more likely to retain desirable tenants, making this a wise decision for your property.

Enhanced Public Image

The world is coming to terms with the fact that climate change is a reality and that changes need to be made to protect the planet. Even people who don’t understand the science of climate change may want an electric car due to its efficiency. As a result, adding EV charging stations to your facility or workplace can improve your company’s public image. You’ll show that you care about the planet and are doing what you can to help make the world a better place. That kind of publicity boost is a huge deal in today’s image-conscious and environmentally-friendly world.

Reduced Facility Costs

If you own a fleet, electrifying your vehicles can provide major long-term cost benefits. Rapidly increasing gas prices will significantly impact the bottom line for businesses with fleets. While there is an upfront cost to electrifying, governments and utilities often offer incentive programs that offset or cover this. EVs also cost significantly less to maintenance.

As you can see, adding EV charging stations to your business can provide many benefits that you shouldn’t ignore. Make sure to seriously consider this option as a way of enhancing the overall operation of your workplace and getting the kind of long-term benefits that you want and deserve.

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