It can be hard to keep track of all the new features on a mobile app. Last fall, we revamped our app for EV drivers, giving you a new user experience and new features. But if you haven’t explored the app, you may not know about the newest updates! Here are a few features on the SemaConnect app for iPhone and Android that you might not be using yet.

Favorite Locations

Most of the time, people have a usual routine. You wake up, go to work, go to the gym, go grocery shopping, then go home. Most EV drivers either charge at home or at work. Did you know that you can save your favorite charging locations on the SemaConnect app? This makes it easier to get directions, check live station status, or start a charge.


Speaking of station status, some station owners have enabled the “Join a Waitlist” feature on their SemaConnect stations. This means that if you drive up to a location with this feature enabled, and you see that all chargers are being used, you can join the waitlist for that location. As soon as any station at that location becomes available, the first person in line will get a notification. But don’t wait too long to plug in – this waitlist is not a reservation system.

With a waitlist, you don’t have to wait in your car while waiting for someone to unplug. Simply drive up, join the waitlist, then return when you get the ping. EV charging station waitlists can even help drivers during social distancing, because you don’t have to hover over a station while waiting for a charger. You can go back to work or go for a walk while waiting for that notification.


You can get your charging notifications by email, text message, or in-app push notifications! Plugging in at the grocery store? Waiting for a charger at your community? Want to unplug before the evening rate kicks in? Set up your notifications so you know when to unplug. You can set notifications for pricing changes, charging status, credit card authorization, demand response events, waitlists, and more.

As an EV community, we want to help all EV drivers get a charge whenever they need it. By setting notifications or joining a waitlist, you can know when it’s time to plug in or to unplug your vehicle. And by saving your favorite locations, you can more easily check pricing and availability before you drive up! Download the SemaConnect app today to access these features and more.