Electric vehicles (EVs) are steadily becoming more popular across the country and around the world. In addition to the environmental benefits, the main appeal of these cars for many buyers is how much they can save on gasoline. Typically, the cost to use an EV charging station is one third or one quarter the price of gas. This means that gas would have to cost around $1 per gallon to to equal the savings of those driving electric cars.

One of the main concerns for new electric vehicle drivers, though, is where to find EV charging stations. While there are many apps that help drivers find a charging station near them, there are still places where it can be difficult to find a charging station. Fortunately, new ones are being built all the time. Here are a few types of businesses where you’ll likely see EV charging stations in the coming years and why your business shouldn’t be left behind.

Major Employers

In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and take advantage of tax credits, a lot of large employers are adding EV charging stations to their parking lots. This allows employees to charge their cars while they’re working. Businesses sometimes choose to allow their employees to charge for free as an extra benefit. This also helps attract and retain top talent. Expect to see groups of EV charging stations around large office buildings and factories.


With the increase in take-out and curbside services, many restaurants are struggling to get customers in their door. Offering EV charging stations not only motivates customers to come, it encourages them to stay. Electric car drivers appreciate when businesses provide EV charging because it shows a commitment to them and to the environment. If you’re a restaurant owner, consider this important perk.

Small Shopping Centers

Malls and big-box stores are already starting to install EV charging stations, leaving their smaller competitors to figure out ways to entice customers. Potential customers may love the idea of charging their car while they pick up supplies for a night’s dinner. Some stores may even offer free charging to people who spend a certain amount in their store.

Over the next several quarters, businesses will be using the availability of EV charging stations to entice customers to enter their stores while their car charges. As large businesses provide this amenity, smaller businesses will need to keep up. If you’re a small business owner, consider the important benefits of charging station installation. Contact SemaConnect to learn more about how you can stay ahead!