Only a decade ago, electric cars were dismissed as a novelty. But with exciting new technology from automakers new and old such as Tesla and Ford, EVs are now more affordable, accessible, and attainable for everyday life. In the United States alone, there have already been over 1.6 million electric cars sold! No longer a niche, and definitely not a fad, electric cars are taking over the auto industry. With the rising popularity of electric vehicles, there is a growing need for commercial EV charging stations. Here are three worthwhile reasons to install charging stations at your property.

Without Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, You May Ostracize Potential Clients

There are over 40 different models of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) currently on sale in the United States, with that number expected to exceed 100 in the next few years. That’s why it’s vital for businesses to prepare for the future and invest in commercial charging stations. For example, when traveling on a road trip, EV drivers need accommodations where they can charge overnight and start the next day with a full battery. Hotels that lack smart charging stations may lose potential clientele, simply because they don’t have this necessary amenity. Similarly, retailers on Black Friday and throughout the holiday shopping season can use commercial charging stations to stand out from other shopping centers and attract shoppers for longer shopping trips.

Excluding prospective buyers is even more risky for apartments and condos. If a resident typically returns home from work or errands at 7pm, then leaves in the morning at 7am, that’s 12 hours that their vehicle will sit in a parking space! A Level 2 charging station perfectly fits their need for an overnight charge at a shared or dedicated spot. Especially during COVID, when 25% of Americans are working from home and millions are relocating to new homes, EV drivers are looking for new apartments and condominiums with charging amenities. Multifamily communities that do not offer smart charging stations are limiting your own future rent incomes and property values.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Show Your Sustainability and Innovation

Electric vehicles are fun to drive and good for the environment. Individuals and drivers alike are switching to zero emissions vehicles, all in an effort to reduce our dependence on oil and limit the effects of climate change on global temperatures by 2030. Whether you are supporting drivers with personal electric vehicles or electrifying your company’s fleet, installing EV charging station places you among the organizations leading in sustainability and future-forward solutions.

Not only are EV charging stations sustainable, but their electronics also promote innovation and cutting-edge research. Universities and research facilities alike are installing commercial car charging stations outside to reflect the newest advancements inside. The sleek design, LED lights, and smart technology show that your commercial property is using the latest and greatest updates for your property. They can even inspire further research into new sustainable sources!

Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Encourages Community Growth

With access to commercial charging stations still limited, drivers congregate in areas where they’re more common. For municipalities, this can mean that EV drivers all move to the same neighborhoods that have charging stations, or that tourists only visit businesses that have public stations nearby. While it’s easier to find a charging station in a large city such as San Francisco, smaller cities and municipalities are now installing charging stations to attract new visitors. As city council members told the Snohomish County Tribune last month, adding charging stations can make a city into a destination city for EV drivers. Encouraging EV drivers to visit a city center can increase local business or invite new residents!

Electric cars are here, and they are ready to charge at your property! If you’re looking for new ways to attract new business in 2021, now is the perfect time to install smart commercial charging stations. Request your quote today to get started!

The federal tax credit is still available for businesses that install charging stations before December 31, 2020. Click here to learn more about this and other EV charging incentives.