Non-networked is going to lead to pain.

Mark Pastrone, Chief Operating Officer at SemaConnect

One of the recent trends that we’ve noticed this year is this: property managers who already own electric vehicle charging stations want to make sure that what they bought is still the right choice. Commercial properties who bought dumb, or non-networked, charging stations in 2016 want to know about the new capabilities available in the current EV supply equipment (EVSE) market today. They’re realizing that their current non-networked EV charging companies are unable to meet their needs.

So why are property managers reviewing their dumb stations and upgrading to smart options? Here are three features that you won’t get with a non-networked station.

Payment system

There are two main reasons why property managers want payment capabilities at a station: First, so they can recoup energy costs or make a profit. Second, so they can ensure parking turnover. Without a charging network, your charging stations cannot communicate with a server to accept a credit card payment. With a network, you can set a custom pricing plan that encourages drivers to move their vehicles after charging.

Live station status

Want to know if there is power going to your stations? Want your drivers to be able to know if a station is in use before they drive up? Networked charging stations communicate with cloud software that can show drivers how a station is being used.  Without a network, your drivers must go to your station in order to know if it’s in use – an annoyance when they have a low battery and desperately need a charge. With a network, your drivers can look at a map to find available charging stations within their car’s driving range.

Usage reports

Want to know how often your stations are used? Want to have the ability to report to your CEO or utility company about your stations’ energy usage and ROI? Without a network, it’s difficult to accurately measure demand and usage. With a network, you can generate usage and sustainability reports. If you see that your drivers are plugged in all day or charging when rates are high, you can create a variable pricing plan to encourage turnover. EV charging networks allow you to make the best use of your green amenities.

For today’s commercial properties, smart networked charging stations are the only smart choice. If you want to provide visitors with the best charging experience and manage station usage at your property, you need networked charging stations.

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