There are more electric cars than ever before, which means that there are more travelers with electric vehicles (EVs). Increasingly, EV drivers are looking for hotels, resorts, and other travel companies to install EV charging stations where they park. Here are a few reasons why EV stations are essential to your hotel business.

EV Stations Attract Customers

With more people owning EVs, the search for hotels with charging stations becomes supreme. EV charging is an important amenity for travelers. Many drivers with fully electric vehicles recharge on the road at DC fast charging stations (DCFC). However, some drivers prefer to charge overnight. DCFC are quick, but are typically more expensive than Level 2 charging stations. EV charging stations are becoming an amenity that customers expect, like having a pool or free Wi-Fi. The convenience is one that drivers are willing to pay more for and often do. Additionally, smart EV charging stations offer hotel owners the ability to list their chargers on public locators such as Google Maps.

EV Stations Bring in Additional Income

Many business owners are often surprised to learn they can charge EV drivers to charge. As an EV charging station owner, you can charge drivers for their electric “fuel” consumption. Depending on your state, you can charge users by the kilowatt-hour or duration of time their EV remains plugged-in. Station owners can help offset property electrical costs which in theory, offer an added service to customers. EV drivers can charge comfortably during their stay and therefore don’t need to go to an alternate location. Hotels with restaurants can increasingly benefit from having EV charging stations, too. For example, customers pass time by purchasing menu items all while paying for power supplied to their vehicle. With average charging rates, your guests can fuel their EV at the low rate of $1 per “gallon,” allowing more spending at your hotel.

EV Stations Are Sustainable and Provide Rebates

Installing EV stations can also indicate your hotel supports clean energy. For example, EV stations can help your hotel earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for saving energy and promoting sustainability. Many green building programs will award your business points for installing EV charging stations. Depending on your hotel’s location, there are government or utility rebates for businesses with EV charging stations. Some of these rebates cover anywhere from 50% to 80% of the total installation cost!

These are some of the reasons to install EV charging stations at your hospitality business. With the recent growth in this industry, EV charging will attract new customers and boost your profits as your business will supply a much-needed service for customers. To get started with EV charging at your hotel, click here to request your quote.