School’s out, and summer vacation is on! Now that more people are able to get vaccinated, many Americans are now thinking about vacations and road trips. If you manage a hotel or resort, this is your season to shine. If you’re looking for new ways to stand out, consider electric vehicle charging stations! While EV charging stations might not be the most obvious amenity for the hospitality industry, they are now essential for the growing number of travelers who drive electric. Whether you primarily serve business travelers or families, here are three reasons why your hotel or resort needs smart EV charging stations.

Charging Stations Boost Corporate Reputation

Publicly supporting green energy and sustainability is becoming increasingly important when it comes to guest attention and loyalty. According to Deloitte, 95% of business travelers agree that hotels should invest in green initiatives. Many hotels already use ENERGY STAR certified products, LED lights, and towel reuse programs. You may even have received LEED certification for your location! Electric cars and EV charging stations are the next step in your sustainability program. And with interactive LED lights and an EV charging network that literally puts you on the map, your new charging stations are a highly visible example of your commitment to a better world.

The price of a new electric car is decreasing as battery technology advances and more automakers develop their own affordable EVs, but many of the most dazzling models are still on the higher end. Consider the Jaguar I-PACE or the Ford Mustang Mach-E. And while it’s considered a “premium” brand rather than a “luxury” brand, Tesla recently passed Audi as the 4th largest luxury car brand in the United States. If your hotel or resort offers first-class amenities, your next amenity should include your guests’ vehicles. EV drivers want to wake up to a full battery, and they will search for hotels with charging stations wherever they travel. Installing charging stations in your parking ensures that your guests have more services to enjoy on-site, without needing to worry about charging an electric vehicle at another business. That means more revenue for your restaurant, spa, or other services!

Charging EVs Makes You Stand Out

In the future, every workplace, apartment building, and hotel will install commercial charging stations for visitors. Until then, forward-thinking hotel managers and property managers can use their new EV amenity to stand out from the competition. Whether you’re looking to attract guests from the hotel across the street, or you want users of a travel website to click the “Book a Room” button, you need the best amenities. Electric car charging stations are a unique and visible amenity that will help you stand out.

Before driving an electric car, drivers want to make sure that they can always find charging stations. Business traveler or family, EV drivers need hotels with smart charging stations. Ready for your next amenity? Click here to request your quote.