If you’re active in the Electric Vehicle or Green Transportation communities, you might have heard about the Transportation Electrification Accord, which was presented at EV Roadmap last month in Portland, Oregon. It was drawn up by a coalition of six stakeholders: the Advanced Energy Economy, Energy Foundation, Illinois Citizen Utility Board, Natural Resources Defense Council, Plug-in America and Sierra Club. The purpose of the Accord is to educate policymakers about the economic, social, and environmental benefits of electric transportation. SemaConnect is excited to announce that we have signed this pledge.

The Transportation Electrification Accord is not itself an organization, but instead a set of principles and goals that we agree are important. We agree that “transportation electrification can be advanced in a manner that benefits all utility customers and users of all forms of transportation, while supporting the evolution of a cleaner grid and stimulating innovation and competition for U.S. companies.” We believe that “it is critical to support electric transportation at the state and local government levels,” and that electric utilities “are poised to continue to make progress” in the development of EV infrastructure. Finally, the Accord states that Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) must innovate and use open standards in order to promote interoperability and benefit drivers.

As soon as we heard about this agreement, we knew that we had to get involved. The EV and EVSE industries are both young, and SemaConnect is passionate about educating drivers and decision-makers about the benefits of electrified transportation. We’re glad to see state governments backing EV infrastructure. Our hope in signing the Transportation Electrification Accord is that the signatories’ common goals will provide a common message to the public: EV infrastructure and open standards are beneficial to all.

Some of the other signatories include the Alliance for Transportation Electrification and Forth Mobility. We’re also encouraged that GM and Honda have signaled their commitment with their signatures, for the very success of electric transportation depends on innovation from EV makers.

The presentation of the Accord at last month’s EV Roadmap 11 conference in Portland, Oregon featured a special panel discussion about the Accord. EV Roadmap has established itself as arguably the premier EV conference in North America, and SemaConnect had a visible presence this year, led by CEO Mahi Reddy and Head of Public Programs Josh Cohen. We look forward to the conversations that we will continue to have with EV Roadmap and Transportation Electrification Accord stakeholders.

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