We often hear about the importance of electric vehicles, and how they are the future of transportation. After all, EVs help reduce emissions, receive top safety ratings, and offer the most exciting new automotive technology available today. However, adopting electric vehicles can be scary for new drivers thanks to a relative lack of reliable EV charging stations. That’s why workplaces are adding smart electric vehicle charging stations as an employee amenity. And thanks to certain incentive programs, there are even more benefits for businesses.

What Are Workplace EV Charging Incentive Programs?

Many governments and utilities are taking steps to make adding electric vehicle charging stations to the workplace more affordable and more appealing for business owners. Currently, these programs come in the form of offering rebates, tax credits, and other incentives to businesses that offer EV charging stations at the workplace or multifamily property. And some programs that offer funding based on the number of charging ports rather than charging stations will allow businesses to get additional funds for buying a dual charger! Depending on the program, businesses might receive anywhere from $500 per station to 100% of total costs by participating in their state government or utility’s EV charging incentive.

However, these benefits may come with some caveats depending on the rebate program. Some make-ready programs will fund electrical upgrades, but not the charging stations themselves, while other rebates might only pay for the charging equipment. Others may require program applicants to buy EV charging stations from a pre-selected list of approved vendors, or to share usage data for the duration of the five year program.

How Do EV Charging Stations Benefit My Business?

In addition to financial incentives, there are other reasons why you should add EV charging stations to your workplace. First, the presence of EV charging stations can attract new employees who have a commute or do not have access to charging stations at their apartments. This employee amenity can help you compete for top talent. Secondly, many companies are now looking for ways to increase their sustainability and decrease their carbon footprint. By supporting EVs at your business, you can reduce emissions in your parking and visually show your community that you care about the environment.

EV charging stations can help businesses attract new customers and employees, and installation programs can make it even easier. Ready to get started with charging at your workplace? Request your quote today!