There are over 5,300 colleges and universities across the country today, employing and housing more than 3 million people. As places that see high visitor traffic, it should come as no surprise that schools have a lot to gain from installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on campus. Here are just three reasons why your school should consider installing EV charging stations this year.

Convenience for Staff, Students, and Visitors

One of the largest benefits to having charging stations at your school is the convenience for your staff, students, and visitors. The education/healthcare industry is the top employer in the country. As Millennials and Gen Z begin to dominate the workforce, they are also buying more electric vehicles. This makes charging stations at colleges and universities even more important. Unlike gas-powered cars, electric cars “refuel” over longer periods of time and charge while parked. EV drivers no longer have to wait for a charge. They can plug in and walk away. With charging stations in your employee parking, faculty and staff can charge during the workday, then drive home with a full battery. Similarly, smart stations in student/public parking allow daily visitors and students to charge while taking a class or campus tour. You can even charge different fees based on a member group or sports schedule!

According to 2019 data from AAA, as many as 40 million Americans are now considering electric cars. 96% of current EV owners say that they are interested in buying another electric car. With that being said, people buying EVs worry most about finding enough places to charge, which leads to “range anxiety.” As colleges house and employ thousands of people, installing charging stations would ease these concerns while promoting sustainability on campus.

Students Are Going Green

In a 2021 Princeton Review survey of 12,000 college applicants, 75% of high school students said that a college’s environmental commitment would affect their decision to apply or attend. This number is up from 64% in 2019 and 66% in 2020, suggesting that this factor will remain important in the future. If you’re looking for ways to attract new students, EV charging stations can be a great way to begin or build on the green programs you are already doing.

But what about clean energy itself? Electric cars do not directly emit pollutants, though the source of their electric power may still come from oil or natural gas depending on where they plug in. However, many universities now receive a significant portion of their power from renewable resources. In fact, 91% of AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) members report receiving power from renewable sources. This means that the green impact of electric vehicles and EV charging stations is becoming even greater as the grid becomes more clean!

Options for Campus Fleets

A school’s fleet drives almost all activity on campus. Transportation, deliveries, policing, maintenance, and many other operations are all driven by the campus fleet. Is your school looking to add electric buses, cars, or trucks to your fleet? Whether you are charging a light or medium-duty fleet vehicle, SemaConnect keeps you charged up with Level 2 and DC fast charging stations. SemaConnect Fleet Management help you track electricity usage, carbon offset, fuel savings, and more! Trying to save money? Schedule charging sessions to take advantage of off-peak and partial peak electricity rates. You can even receive alerts on your fleet’s return and departure times, so you know if your drivers are on time. The best part? This software is integrated with the SemaConnect Cloud for workplace and public charging, so you can generate reports on your entire university’s program.

Why SemaConnect?

SemaConnect has all your university’s charging needs covered. The sleek design is easy to install, making SemaConnect a favorite among electricians. Plus we offer a comprehensive replacement warranty, just in case anything happens. Our reliable network solutions make managing stations easy, giving you full control over both price and access. And with integrations with 3rd party apps such as PlugShare, ChargeHub, and Google Maps, you can broadcast your stations’ availability to all. This helps you attract EV drivers, manage your parking, and add an addition revenue stream to your parking program.

Interested in EV charging at your college or university? Take the first step and join the many campuses already using SemaConnect by requesting your quote today!