Electric vehicles come with a number of benefits, though the environmental advantages typically stand out. That said, the idea of reducing carbon emissions may not always be enough to convince consumers to make the switch from a conventional gasoline vehicle. Many drivers want additional reasons to go electric.

Here are three reasons why electric vehicles are more practical than you may think.

Electric Vehicles Are More Affordable

When electric cars first came on the market, they understandably came with a higher price tag. Technology usually launches at higher prices, but in recent years, the cost to purchase a new EV has dropped thanks to production economies of scale and lower battery costs. There are now multiple electric vehicles on the market below $45,000, even before tax rebates.

Not only are electric vehicles becoming cheaper to purchase, but the cost of ownership is also more affordable than a gas car. According to the Department of Energy, electric vehicles are far more energy efficient than gas cars, using 59-62% of energy input to actually power the wheels. Comparatively, gas cars only convert 17-21% of the energy in gasoline. Because the cost of charging a car with electricity is cheaper than with gas, EV owners can rest assured that any upfront financial commitment will be well worth it in the end.

Electric Vehicles Save You Time

Some consumers are dissuaded from purchasing an electric vehicle due to the supposed inconvenience of finding a charging station. However, EV charging stations are easier to locate than you think. Many businesses have already embraced the benefits of installing charging stations for employees, tenants, and customers, making it much easier for you to recharge your EV. Google Maps even lists EV charging stations so you can find a station on the go!

Not only is it easy to find a charging station, but you also won’t have to plan a visit to a gas station every week. Most EV owners charge their vehicles overnight while they sleep. Don’t have a home garage where you can charge your car? Your apartment community or workplace may install charging stations as an amenity.

Electric Vehicles Require Less Maintenance

You might not realize it, but electric vehicles require far less ongoing maintenance than gas cars. Because these vehicles contain fewer moving parts, there are simply fewer chances that a given component will wear out. You won’t need to see your car technician for oil changes, which means less time wasted and more money saved. Plus, because electric vehicles are zero-emission vehicles, your state’s annual inspections may cheaper or faster.

Electric vehicles are energy efficient, time-efficient, and cheaper over the life of the vehicle, making them a practical purchase for many Americans. With the increase in low-cost models, and the growth of public charging stations across North America, this is only the beginning of the EV age.

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