Within the past two years, our healthcare system has been pushed to its limit. COVID-19 has tremendously impacted healthcare facilities and providers. Many areas of the country have constructed temporary testing and treatment facilities to deal with the onslaught of ill patients. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it is that our healthcare system can use a break, especially all the doctors and nurses. While it may not be immediately obvious, electric vehicles (EVs) can help provide that break and help prevent the healthcare system from becoming overloaded in the future.

Reducing Illness and Hospitalizations

Driving EVs is a great thing for the community since they produce zero emissions during operation. Internal combustion engines, or gas cars, produce thousands of pounds of air pollution and carbon emissions through their tailpipes every year. These emissions are known to cause lung disease, cancer, and even premature death. With the switch to electric, we can clean the air, which may lead to decreased hospital admissions related to air pollution.

In fact, Stockholm Environment Institute found up to 33 million hospital admissions around the world are due to asthma, which is linked to air pollution. Even further, studies have found every year about one million premature deaths are associated with air pollution. The problem is a critical threat to our society.

Fundamentally, healthcare workers care about our community health. It is very likely the reason why they got into the industry to begin with. If there is something we can change or introduce in our lives that positively impacts our collective well-being, healthcare workers should be the first to say it should be a priority.

The Solution

In addition to individuals making the switch to EVs, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities can encourage EV adoption by installing EV charging stations. In many cases, it can be a “chicken and an egg” situation where drivers are hesitant to buy an EV if they don’t know where they can charge. By installing EV charging stations, workers, and guests, can assuredly charge their vehicle.

While there are many brands out there, SemaConnect is the preferred choice for healthcare facilities. SemaConnect is a well established EV charging station manufacturer and network provider that can accommodate all of the site’s EV charging station needs. To learn more, contact one of our EV experts today!