Approximately 800,000 Americans have made the decision to trade in their diesel-guzzling cars in favor of electric vehicles. Since they’re becoming more affordable and a lot of people care about saving the planet, it’s no surprise they’re becoming more popular. But while the majority of Americans end up charging these vehicles at home, your own garage isn’t the only place you’ll find EV stations. Apartment buildings and workplaces are embracing EV charging solutions, too. And when you go out of town for business or on a family road trip, you may even find electric vehicle charging at a hotel you frequent.

Some of the most popular hotel chains have partnered with their EV charging company of choice to provide options for their guests. Hilton, Destination Hotels, Marriott, and others have charging stations on their properties to offer their patrons options for fueling up when they’re away from home. There are a number of good reasons for this, which we’ll explain in today’s post.

Why Should Your Hotel Work With an EV Charging Company?

  • Your brand awareness will improve: In today’s world, customers want to support companies that are making an effort to make the world a better place. Showing that your hotel is dedicated to green initiatives can separate you from the pack in the best way. Being able to promote your hotel’s eco-friendly status will allow you to widen your potential customer base, improve your corporate reputation, and even obtain well-deserved publicity for your efforts.
  • You can attract non-guests to make purchases: While the hope is that the idea of charging your electric car at a hotel will be enough to convince people to book a room, there are other ways to use your relationship with your EV charging company to benefit your hotel business. Even when EV drivers don’t choose to stay overnight, your EV station can be a real advantage. Since EV charging takes longer than it does to fill up a gas tank, these drivers will likely want to frequent your hotel’s bar, restaurant, spa, or shopping center while they wait. This can help bring in additional revenue and even convince them to make a reservation in the future.
  • You’ll attract great clientele: The costs of electric vehicles are decreasing, making them more accessible to all kinds of families. But it’s still likely that the people who buy an electric car and go out of their way to do so are likely in a good financial situation and make thoughtful decisions about how they spend their money. By installing an EV station at your hotel, you’ll automatically be of interest to these guests — and by going above and beyond to offer other eye-catching amenities and a top-notch experience, you can seal the deal and turn these individuals into repeat customers.

If you want to boost your brand recognition, amp up your revenue, and attract high-quality guests to your hotel, partnering with an EV charging company may be the way to go. Click here to learn more about how SemaConnect is your complete solution.