Electric vehicles are becoming a more popular sight on U.S. roads. In fact, a 2017 Bloomberg report estimated that EVs will make up 54% of all new car sales by the year 2040. That means that a good portion of your employees could be searching for reliable EV charging solutions on a regular basis. While many EV owners choose to charge their vehicles at home, this decision may be a culmination of both convenience and a lack of alternatives elsewhere.

Businesses are starting to take note of the growing number of employees — and consumers — who drive electric vehicles. By offering EV stations in the workplace, organizations can benefit from tax incentives and rebates. But there are actually several other reasons to prioritize the installation of an electric vehicle charging station in your workplace. We’ll discuss a few of these in today’s post.

The Benefits of Workplace Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Employee Attraction and Satisfaction: Consider the fact that the perks of working for your organization are not limited to wages, health insurance, flexible work hours, or telecommuting options. By providing a means for EV owners to charge their vehicles, you’re offering a real incentive to future hires and current employees. It all comes down to creating a positive environment for your workers and making their lives that much easier. Your employees will feel less stressed because they’ll be able to commute to and from work with confidence. And because you’ll already offer the ability for employees to charge these EVs, some workers might even be encouraged to purchase one of these vehicles for themselves.
  • Sustainable Branding: These days, consumers and employees want to know that companies are doing everything they can to go green. There are countless ways to promote sustainability within your organization and through your company’s mission. Installing an electrical vehicle charging station can serve as one small component of your sustainable strategy. That’s because reducing the need for gas-powered vehicles (and the amount of emissions from employee cars) for staff members can make a huge impact. In promoting your commitment to sustainability with the availability of electric vehicle chargers, you’ll make a positive impact on your community and will likely appeal to consumers who want to work with those who share their vision of a greener world.
  • Industry Leadership: Although electric vehicles are a relatively new technology, the companies who embrace what the future holds might be considered trailblazers. By getting in on this trend now, you could be seen as a true leader in your industry. You’ll show you care about both your employees and the planet, of course. But even more than that, you’ll demonstrate the ways in which your company is looking forward, rather than backward. And that’s a stance that will attract both employees and clients.

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