Growing concerns about climate change have altered the dynamics of many industries. Companies are eliminating single-use plastics and adapting their supply chains to use less water and fuel. In the auto industry, electric vehicles are slowly and steadily replacing gas-guzzling, internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. A Bloomberg report states that electric vehicles will be the majority (54%) of all new car sales worldwide by 2040. In fact, there are already more than 1 million EVs in the US today!

Electric vehicle adoption has grown thanks to environmental awareness, low cost to recharge (equivalent to paying $1 per gallon of gasoline), and the easy availability of some of the best commercial EV charging stations throughout the country. In response to this high growth, businesses are now installing commercial EV charging stations to serve tenants and employees. Here are three reasons why commercial properties are adding EV charging stations to their parking.

Increase Business Appeal

When you install electric car charging stations at your property, you are increasing its appeal among customers. You set a clear message that you care about the environment by decreasing your property’s carbon emissions and supporting drivers who have committed to a gas-free lifestyle. Because home is the most popular place to charge an electric vehicle, followed by the workplace, EV drivers want to find an apartment or workplace that has charging stations. When comparing you to your competitor, your property’s EV charging stations will set you apart and win you new business.

Monetize Your Parking

A networked commercial EV charging stations can be installed at any property where cars are parked for more than an hour. If you manage a property where people park, or if you already offer paid parking, you can attract drivers who will pay to charge their EVs at your chargers. If you are a retailer or restaurant, you can attract new customers who will spend more time shopping or dining with you while their vehicles charge!

New Legislation

Many states have already passed legislation to support EV charging. In some cities, new construction must build “make ready” infrastructure or plan for a certain percentage of parking spaces to include charging stations. Across the country, rebates and incentives from local governments and utility companies, your workplace or multifamily property may be able to receive funding for EV charging supply equipment and installations. You can reap the marketing benefits of being a green property, while supporting your city and state’s sustainability goals!

Whether you’re looking for that future-forward amenity that will set you apart, or you just want to fulfill local requirements, now is the time to invest in electric vehicle charging stations at your property.

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