The SemaConnect Series 5 and Series 6 charging stations are the best EV charging stations for commercial properties because they’re durable and wirelessly networked. With the SemaConnect Network, you get the features that make your SemaConnect EV charging stations truly smart. All SemaConnect stations include the first year of network services free, but what does that include? Why is it important for your EV charging stations to be registered with an EV charging network?

Here are three of the most valuable features that come bundled with your SemaConnect smart EV charging stations.

Station Monitoring

Station monitoring is the most important feature of SemaConnect’s software. With the SemaConnect Network, you have the ability to monitor your station health, see how often your stations are used, and report sustainability or usage to your team. Many state and local utility programs require grant recipients to share usage reports, which makes it essential to network your charging stations.

Custom Pricing/Access

Some workplaces or multifamily communities want to restrict access to just their own users. With the SemaConnect Network, you can create member groups, charge drivers for energy used, and encourage drivers to move their cars after charging. You can even use your member groups to offer free charging to tenants and paid charging to public users!

Customer Support

When drivers need help starting a charge or need to report a broken station, they call SemaConnect. Once your stations are networked, our team can help drivers start a charge over the phone, notify owners about station issues, provide remote troubleshooting, or help you swap out equipment.

Networked EV charging is the best solution for commercial properties that want to offer charging amenities. With the ability to monitor usage, collect revenue, manage access, and get customer support, the SemaConnect Network helps you provide the best charging experience to your tenants, employees, and visitors.

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