Electric vehicles are quickly becoming more common, especially as automakers introduce new models and businesses prioritize sustainability. EV drivers are coming to expect charging stations at their homes and workplaces. Electric vehicles are beneficial to the environment, but they can also support business goals. From greater energy efficiency to more options for EV charging solutions, here are three reasons why your commercial fleet should go electric.

More Variety in Electric Vehicle Models

While the first electric cars focused on passenger vehicles, this is quickly changing. Today, more and more commercial fleet models are entering the market! There are all types of EVs available, from delivery vans to buses to trucks. Plus, there are now even more EV charging solutions for fleets. Whether you manage a retail, business, school, or government fleet, the list of available vehicle options is growing, along with increased options for Level 2 charging stations.

Save on Annual Maintenance and Fuel

Electric vehicles may be more expensive to purchase, but they are cheaper to maintain than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine (also known as ICE vehicles). For instance, with a full battery electric vehicle (BEV), you never have to change the oil or visit gas station. You’ll still need to replace the windshield wiper fluid and take care of your tires, but your EV has fewer moving parts. Fewer moving parts mean less possibility of breaking down, saving you thousands of dollars in costly annual maintenance.

Secondly, the cost of gasoline is constantly fluctuating, which drives up your operation costs. But with electric vehicles, your “fuel costs” are tied to your electrical utility costs. The U.S. Energy Information Administration calculates that in 2019, the average cost of electricity was 10.54 cents per kWh. Another chart from Statista compared the electricity rates by sector: 13.2 cents/kWh for residential, 10.65 cents/kWh for commercial, and 6.66 cents/kWh for industrial in 2020. This means that for an average of $1.16 per eGallon, you can charge your vehicles while they are parked at your depot, save in fuel costs, and forget about planning a trip to the gas station. And with the Series 7 and Series 7 Plus charging stations for fleets, you can even schedule charging for off-peak electrical rates, to help you save even more.

Electric Vehicles Have Higher Energy Efficiency

Electric vehicles have higher fuel efficiency than ICE vehicles, and you could even say that they become even more environmentally-friendly every year! That’s because only 12-30% of the energy stored in gasoline is actually used to propel the wheels forward. EVs, on the other hand, use over 77% of the electricity from the grid to power the wheels. Electric vehicles also offer energy-efficient features such as regenerative braking, which helps drivers top off the charge every time they decelerate. With a higher MPGe (miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent), and an energy grid that is becoming more green, EV fleets make sense.

Electric fleets are here, and they can help your business or government remain competitive and efficient. If you’re converting your fleet, you need smart charging solutions for fleet vehicles. Click here to request your quote for fleet charging stations today!