We don’t need to tell you that electric vehicles are growing in popularity. In 10 years, Tesla has gone from underdog to one of the most in-demand car companies in the world. Gasoline prices are fluctuating, electric vehicles are decreasing in price, and electric vehicle charging stations are becoming more necessary than ever.

Those who haven’t joined the EV movement are becoming more interested every day. You can take advantage of what’s called a “passive marketing opportunity” – a one-time investment in EV charging that will attract new customers for years to come.

EVs are gaining traction

Electric vehicles are surging in popularity in the United States. Since 2012, American electric vehicle sales have grown by 32% every year. The Union of Concerned Scientists even predicts that electric vehicles could make up as much as 10% of all car sales in the United States by 2025. Thousands of Americans have already taken advantage of the $7500 federal tax rebate for purchasing an electric vehicle. In July 2018, the Tesla Model 3 completely outsold all other cars in its competitive market and made it the eighth highest selling car in America. We’re no longer promising the rise of the electric vehicle. Electric vehicles are already here, and it’s just a question of where they will charge.

Stand out against your competition

Have you ever run out of gas while running errands? What if you could fill up your car while you shopped or met with a client? That convenience factor is one of the reasons why drivers buy EVs, and it’s why your business needs EV charging stations. In a discussion on department stores on MarketingWeek.com, Holly Klimek from Cushman & Wakefield made a great point: even as the market changes, a business that invests in community-oriented services can “really build on the town centre itself to become that anchor [for the community].” Some mixed-use properties invest in yoga studios or co-working spaces to stand out from their competition. You can invest in EV charging stations and ensure that clients will choose you over your competition, simply because they can plug in while they shop or ask you about their business needs.

Support sustainability

More and more shoppers are looking at their environmental impact and making changes. A recent study found that 58% of Americans are looking to business to take the lead in fighting climate change. A 2015 Nielson survey found that 66% of consumers will spend more on a product if the brand itself is sustainable. Electric vehicle charging stations support environmentally friendly drivers, and visibly prove to your community that you are taking sustainable actions. Among a list of environmentally-friendly things you can integrate into your business, EV charging stations are an easy step.

There are many options when it comes to EV charging companies. Click the link below to learn how SemaConnect smart EV charging stations can meet your business needs and sustainability goals.