The U.S. retail industry is colossal, employing roughly 29 million people and supporting more than 42 million jobs throughout the nation. In 2017, retail sales from the country’s 1 million retail establishments exceeded $5 trillion. And while the current pandemic has temporarily closed the doors of many malls and retailers, store managers are planning new ways to bring customers back. While there are many ways to attract customers to your store, there’s one you might have overlooked: installing commercial electric car charging stations.

Consider the fact that electric vehicles will make up 54% of new car sales worldwide by 2040. With more people driving electric cars, these motorists want to know they’ll be able to charge up whenever they go. Here are just a few reasons why your retail business should consider installing EV stations for these new drivers.

You Can Boost Your Brand Awareness

While the pandemic is dominating the news cycle, many businesses are able to break through the noise by showing how committed they are to helping the local community or supporting important causes. Whether it’s donating meals and masks to healthcare workers or engaging in acts of kindness among neighbors, showcasing a commitment to a better future can do a lot for a business right now.

Installing commercial electric car charging stations at your retail location can show your commitment to your community. One of the positives amidst the pandemic and resulting stay at home orders is a renewed love for the environment. Thanks to fewer internal combustion engines on the road, car emissions and air pollution have been drastically reduced worldwide. And according to recent surveys, this decrease in air pollution is encouraging drivers to switch to zero emission electric vehicles. By supporting these new EV drivers, you can show that you are listening to your customers and helping your community stay healthy. Leading in this way can encourage positive press and word of mouth marketing that will bring customers back inside your doors.

You Can Attract New Customers

If your aim is to attract higher-end customers to your place of business or reach new audiences, installing EV stations can be a great way to go. Since EV drivers typically prefer to park where they can charge their vehicles, you can convince these drivers to make use of your commercial electric car charging stations and visit your retail center at the same time. If a driver is searching for EV charging stations in their area, hosting stations in your parking lot literally puts you on the map. Drivers may even spend more time shopping or buy more items because they want to maximize their charging time!

You Can Increase Overall Revenue

Finally, revenue is probably at the forefront of your mind right now. Being able to keep your business operating for the foreseeable future will prove essential. Although you might not be inclined to spend money on an EV charging station installation, consider what doing so could do for your bottom line in the long term.

Not only can you access rebates and tax credits for installing commercial electric car charging stations, but you’ll also have an opportunity to bring in additional revenue for your business. You can charge EV users a fee for using your station (just like a gas station charges for fuel), which can act as a great source of passive income for your business. If you already have parking spaces available, why not monetize? Although there will be some ongoing operational costs, you can set your pricing policy to recoup those costs. Especially if your business is located in a busy shopping center, smart charging stations can help you (and your customers) make the most of your parking amenities.

With decreased traffic in the parking lot, now is the perfect time to make property upgrades and add new amenities for your customers. If you’re looking to put your business on the map and earn additional income, consider installing EV charging stations at your retail location. For more information, contact SemaConnect today.